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The Muffin Method (a Quick Bread) Culinary Basics Class LSHS.

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1 The Muffin Method (a Quick Bread) Culinary Basics Class LSHS

2 Advantages of the Muffin Method Quick Easy Inexpensive Anyone can make muffins A great variety of choices

3 Recipes that use the Muffin Method Pancakes Waffles Crepes Cornbread Muffins Fruit Breads such as zucchini bread, banana bread, and pumpkin bread Wacky Cocoa Cake

4 What Defines the “Muffin Method” It’s all about the mixing technique and the order the ingredients are added.

5 Muffin Method A simple, two-stage mixing method. –The dry and moist ingredients are mixed separately and then blended until the dry ingredients just become moist. –Over-mixing will result in a tough baked product riddled with tunnels.

6 Purpose of Ingredients Eggs Flavor Color Richness Tenderness Binder Leavening

7 Purpose of Ingredients Milk or Other Liquid (The Activator ) Triggers production of gluten Allows leavening to start Dissolves sugar Moisture

8 More about Liquids Milk adds richness and increases browning Nutrients Liquids interact with the leavening agents, starting the rising process (When liquid is added determines the characteristics of the baked good.)

9 Purpose of Ingredients Fat (Shortening, oil or melted butter) Richness Flavor Enhancer Tenderness Brown the crust Leavener

10 Purpose of Ingredients Sugar Flavor Tenderness Rich brown color crispness

11 Purpose of Ingredients Flour Structure (without flour baked goods would fall apart) Gluten effects the texture and rising. (When mixed with liquid, protein in flour forms an elastic web of gluten. The higher the protein, the higher the gluten.)

12 Purpose of Ingredients Baking Powder or Baking Soda Makes the product rise (through the release of carbon dioxide gas that increases the volume of bubbles. They are called Leavening agents.



15 The End I hope you enjoy your Muffin Method Lab! -Mrs. B


17 Single-Stage Method –Also known as the quick-mix, one-bowl, or dump method. –All the dry and liquid ingredients are mixed together at once. –Packaged mixes for cakes, biscuits, and other baked goods rely on this method.

18 Mixing Techniques Pastry-Blend Method –Fat is first cut into flour with a pastry blender, or with two knives crisscrossed against each other in a scissor-like fashion, to form a mealy fat- flour mixture. –Half the milk and all of the sugar, baking powder, and salt are then blended into the fat- flour mixture. –Lastly, eggs and more milk may then be blended into the mixture.




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