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What is a logo? a visual icon that provides a unique identification element to a business.

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1 Logorama:

2 What is a logo? a visual icon that provides a unique identification element to a business

3 Where have you seen logos today?
Breakfast food labels Clothing Cars Advertisements on company cars/trucks The highway signs Computers Basically ANYTHING you use has a logo on it somewhere!

4 Why do companies have logos?
It is a way to visually communicate. It is a graphic mark or emblem used to AID and PROMOTE instant public recognition. A logo is the most important element of your marketing tools. It ATTRACTS prospective clients or customers

5 Logos communicate information about a company.
Based solely on the image, what kind of company do you think these logos represent?

6 Logos can attract a specific group of people based on their age, gender, race.... Are these logos geared towards women or men?

7 There are 2 parts of a logo:
1 = the icon [symbol or image] 2 = the font [company name]

8 Which font looks like it’s aimed at a YOUNGER audience?
Restaurant Restaurant How important is the font? Play this to find out:

9 Game time! How important is an icon? Play this to find out: And identify corporate logos at: Guess which is the right version of the logo:

10 logos with hidden meanings *hint – look in the negative space
Sometimes a company or brand logo is more than it first appears. We take a look at the hidden meanings or messages embedded in popular logos. After this, you won't look at these designs the same way again.

11 Logos evolve over time to keep up with current trends


13 Recipe for an effective logo:
Use only 1-2 COLORS. WARM / BRIGHT colors. Should be SIMPLE with very few lines or curves. NATURE OF BUSINESS should be conveyed in the logo. Can be a SMALL AND SIMPLE modification in the name of the brand name or company name. CORPORATE COLOR should be a part of the logo. Could be 3D or 2D. Make sure your LOGO is not similar to your competitors.

14 It takes a lot of planning to design a logo

15 Remember word clouds?

16 Start with sketches. Don’t just settle on your first idea, let it keep evolving


18 Let the design evolve: Start with simple shapes, then add details

19 Where to start? First, you must choose a company to design a logo for. You can re-design an existing company’s logo OR you can make up a new company that needs a logo. Sketch, sketch, sketch… then sketch some more. Start using illustrator see a logo design from start to finish

20 Questions to ask yourself:
What type of people is your company trying to attract? [Kid friendly – corporate – women - elderly] What are some symbols that relate to the business? [Banks relate to money, security] What 2-3 colors would appeal to your audience and convey your business the best? [red & yellow make people hungry, that’s why you see them on all the highway restaurant signs… BK, Arbys, Taco Bell, Wendys]

21 Imagine how your logo will look on a…
T-shirt Business card Letter head Website Billboard Tractor trailer Product (if there is one you are selling, like a soda can)

22 Helpful links & tutorials:

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