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The Elements of Graphic Design. Function - Give structure and carry the work.

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1 The Elements of Graphic Design

2 Function - Give structure and carry the work.

3 Elements of Graphic Design LineSpaceTextureShape ColorType

4 Line Continuous mark on a surface Connect, separate and organize elements Guides the eye in following the design Help convey emotions


6 Lines show motion and direction of objects

7 Straight lines show formality

8 Curved and wavy lines show artistry, beauty and detail

9 Shape Enclosed space defined by lines. Adds visual weight to a design Help divide design areas Convey symbolic meaning Classified as: Organic Geometric

10 Geometric shapes Shapes with straight lines may look harsh and sharp

11 Organic shapes Shapes with curved or wavy lines look gentle

12 Space Area around and within objects Manipulated using close proximity to create associations with objects and to give emphasis Types of space Positive space Negative space

13 Positive space Space which is occupied by design elements

14 Negative space The area that is left over (also called the white space)

15 Texture The feel of a surface, or the illusion or simulation of it The most commonly seen textures, apart from flat or smooth, are things like paper, stone, concrete, brick, fabric, and natural elements


17 Color The reflection of light bounced back by an object Has symbolisms and give meaning to the design Classified as: Warm- (red, orange, yellow) Cool- (green, blue, violet)

18 Examples of color symbolisms


20 Hue - the color itself

21 Intensity - the degree of lightness of a hue

22 Value - the relative darkness or lightness of a hue

23 Tints- produced by adding white to a color Shades- produced by adding black to a color

24 Type The letterforms of text or words Are shapes which can evoke emotions Typeface or font- style of the letterforms Serif- letterforms with extensions at their ends Sans serif- letterforms without extensions at their ends

25 Serif vs Sans Serif

26 Serif - considered formal and elegant

27 Sans serif - reserved for more urban and modern designs


29 What is an Advertisement?

30 - Are persuasive messages that call or draw the attention of the viewers to take notice of a product or idea. - The goal is to sell the product

31 Advertising Design Elements Visual Caption Headline Copy Signature

32 Visual -The visual is the image. -An interesting image will always call people’s attention






38 Caption - Is a phrase or a sentence used to summarize the importance of charts, graphs, illustrations, photographs or tables. - It may not be necessary at all times



41 Headline - Is the extra-large opening statement used in a layout. - It summarizes what the text is about - Leads them to read the rest of the ad



44 Copy -refers to written material -the written part of an advertisement



47 Signature - contains the advertiser’s name and contact number - May contain product or company logo




51 principles-of-art-design- powerpoint?v=default&b=&from_search=1

52 Hands- on 4 Create an advertisement Letter size landscape Should contain the following: Headline Caption Visual Signature Copy Filename: 7R_LASTNAME_H4

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