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America’s Beginnings   Part I  Europeans Establish Colonies.

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1 America’s Beginnings   Part I  Europeans Establish Colonies

2 Reasons for Colonization: European nations wanted...  new territories in the New World  new trade routes  riches (gold, etc.)  to spread Christianity  New World products (tobacco, etc.) continued 1

3 Reasons for Colonization: Individual settlers wanted...  land for farming  religious freedom or escape from other persecution  financial relief 1

4 Jamestown established in 1607 named for King James I of England the first permanent English settlement marked the beginning of the colony of Virginia 2

5 James Oglethorpe Started the colony of Georgia as a refuge for debtors who had been imprisoned in England 3

6 Roger Williams V Wanted religious tolerance for all Christians – not just Puritans V Founded Rhode Island 4

7 William Penn founded Pennsylvania as a refuge for Quakers 5

8 William Penn

9 The 13 British Colonies

10 The 13 colonies can be divided into 3 regions based on differences in:  Geography& resources  Climate  Economy  Social or religious structure

11 New England Colonies Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Hampshire 6 continued

12 New England Colonies

13  Colder climate  Rockier soil, but farming is still possible  Abundant forests and access to water 6 continued

14 New England Colonies Primarily Puritan 6

15 Middle Colonies  New York  New Jersey  Pennsylvania  Delaware 7 continued

16 Middle Colonies

17  Diversity of people  Diversity of economic activity 7

18 Southern Colonies  Maryland  Virginia  the Carolinas  Georgia 8 continued

19 Southern Colonies

20 fertile farmland fertile farmland warm warm flat flat rainy rainy access to water access to water 8

21 Columbian Exchange ► Transatlantic trade through which Europeans exchanged food, goods, technologies and culture with the people of the Americas ► Europeans profited economically ► Native Americans suffered disease and destruction of their culture 9

22 Triangular Trade Colonial trade system in the 1700’s between  American Colonies  Africa  Europe 10 continued

23 Triangular Trade   Merchants sent cloth from England to the Caribbean. 10 continued

24 Triangular Trade   Merchants in the Caribbean shipped sugar to New England where it was turned into rum. 10 continued

25 Triangular Trade   The rum was shipped to Africa and traded for slaves. 10 continued

26 Triangular Trade   The slaves were shipped to the Americas and sold. 10

27 Triangular Trade

28 Middle Passage ► Voyage of slaves brought from Africa to the Americas ► Took between 1 and 3 months ► Suffered miserable, inhuman conditions 11

29 European World  motivated by desire for “God, Gold & Glory”  believed land was to be owned and used as a resource to create wealth Clash of Cultures 12 continued

30 Clash of Cultures Native American World  believed land could not be owned and should be respected  Thousands of different tribes varied by region, kinship groups, and clans 12 continued

31 West African World – tribes varied by region tribes varied by region organized by kinship organized by kinship rich cultural history rich cultural history preserved customs through oral history preserved customs through oral history Rich deposits of gold Rich deposits of gold Major trade routes brought great prosperity to some areas Major trade routes brought great prosperity to some areas Clash of Cultures 12

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