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Colonial America.

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1 Colonial America

2 The Original 13 Colonies

3 The Original 13 Colonies

4 Reasons People Came to the New World
Religious Freedom Trade/Farming Debtor Haven

5 Religious Freedom Pilgrims 1620 Puritans 1630 Connecticut 1636
Rhode Island 1638 Maryland 1634 (Catholic colony) Pennsylvania 1681(Quakers)

6 Trade and/or Farming NH NY NJ Jamestown, Virginia 1607 DEL NC SC

7 Debtor Haven Georgia 1733

8 3 Regions: New England Middle Colonies Southern Colonies

9 New England Colonies Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island
New Hampshire

10 Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

11 Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina

12 Climate - bitterly cold winters,
mild summers, short growing season (and rocky soil) Settlements – small towns, mainly on the coast, created harbors and ports for trade

13 Resources – forested lands, abundant fish
Economy – shipbuilding, fishing, part of Triangular Trade

14 Triangular Trade

15 The Middle Passage This plan above of a slave ship shocked the public when it appeared in It shows how 482 slaves could be packed on board the Brookes of Liverpool for the 6 to 8 week voyage to the West Indies. The Brookes actually carried 609 slaves on one voyage.

16 Middle Colonies Climate – warmer summers=longer growing season
Settlements - on coast or large rivers, large cities on harbors -- New York (the Dutch) and Philadelphia

17 Middle Colonies Resources – land for growing cash crops
The “Breadbasket” of America Resources – land for growing cash crops Economy – cash crops- fruits, vegetables & grains

18 Southern Colonies Climate – long growing season, warm weather and plentiful rainfall Resources – rich soil, flat land for large crops

19 Southern colonies Settlements - mainly on large plantations
Economy – tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton crops (raised using slave labor

20 Settlers: 250,000 (1700) to 2,500,000 (1775) Slaves: 28,000 to 500,000
Population Increase Settlers: 250,000 (1700) to 2,500,000 (1775) Slaves: ,000 to 500,000

21 Colonies Quiz #1: Which colonies were known as the “Breadbasket” colonies? The Middle Colonies: Pennyslvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland

22 Colonies Quiz #2: Which colony was created for a different reason than the others? Georgia, as a refuge for debtors.

23 Colonies Quiz New England
#3: The Pilgrims and Puritans settled in which region of the colonies? New England

24 Colonies Quiz New England
#4: Which region of the colonies was LEAST suited to the use of slave labor? New England

25 13 Colonies

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