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Exploration & Colonization Test Review

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1 Exploration & Colonization Test Review

2 Why were the 3 main reasons for European exploration?
Glory Gold God

3 The trade of goods, plants, animals and diseases from Europe to the Americas was known as the ________________ Columbian Exchange

4 The trade of goods from Europe to Africa to the Americas is known as the _______________________
Triangular Trade

5 Define mercantilism. Countries want to export more than they import to make a profit

6 What impact did Columbus’ arrival have on the future of America?
Death of Native Americans Loss of land Spread of disease New land/space for Europeans New trade routes New resources

7 Name some specific effects the Columbian Exchange had on the Americas
Crops introduced into the New World (fruit, wheat, coffee) Animals like pigs, horses and cattle introduced to America Exchange of diseases (like influenza, small pox) Large influx of people

8 What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Settled land dispute between Spain and Portugal. Land to West belonged to Spain. Land to East belonged to Portugal.

9 Explain the connection between the Protestant Reformation and the settling of the Americas
Reformation= Church of England Church of England= Official Religion of England People want to purify Church of England= need place to do so Settle America Those who did not follow Church of England need to escape persecution= settle America

10 What happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
Unknown When English returned, no sign of the colonists was found

11 Name the 1st permanent settlement in the New World.

12 What are headrights? Pay for passage across the Atlantic, given 50 acres of land upon arrival in Americas

13 Which group of people settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

14 What happened to the Native Americans when the English arrived?
Death of Native Americans Loss of culture Loss of land

15 Why did the Puritans leave England?
Purify the Church of England Live a better Christian life Follow the religion the way they thought it should be followed

16 The economy of this region was reliant on fishing and shipbuilding.
New England

17 What is a cash crop? Give 2 examples.
Crop grown to be sold rather than for personal use Wheat, Tobacco, Cotton

18 Which region is known as the “Breadbasket”? Why was it called this?
Middle Colonies Wheat was the main cash crop

19 When a person’s passage was paid to the New World in return for 7 years of work, this is known as _____________________________. Indentured Servitude

20 The southern colonies depended greatly on this type of labor to work the large plantations.
Slave Labor

21 What is the term for when a king/queen leaves its colonies to govern themselves as long as they are making money? Salutary Neglect

22 What is the Act of Toleration?
Religious Freedom Adult, Male Christians have the right to vote and hold office

23 What colony was originally settled by the Dutch and was then taken by the English?
New York

24 Name 2 colonies that were formed as an opposition to the strict rules of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Rhode Island Connecticut

25 Which colony was founded for debtors, former criminals and the poor?

26 Which colony was originally one but was split into 2 because of political disagreements?

27 Which colony was founded by the Quakers?

28 Which colony was founded by the Catholics to escape religious persecution in England?

29 Which colony was a royal colony ruled by an appointed governor?
New Hampshire

30 Which colony was originally 2 colonies that were combined into one?
New Jersey

31 Who gave the “City on a Hill” sermon? Where was he from?
John Winthrop Massachusetts Bay Colony

32 Why was there mass hysteria in Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692?
Salem Witch Trials

33 What were 2 reasons that Bacon’s Rebellion began?
Poor soil/lack of land Unhappy Indentured Servants High taxes

34 What were the 2 outcomes of Bacon’s rebellion?
Lower Taxes Slavery expands in the Southern colonies

35 What is a direct democracy
What is a direct democracy? Give an example that we’ve discussed in class. People participate directly in the the rules and decisions making for their group Mayflower Compact/Plymouth

36 What is a representative democracy
What is a representative democracy? Give an example that we have discussed in class. People choose representatives to make decisions on their behalf House of Burgesses (Virginia)

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