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Mecca Roundabout Project Mecca, CA September 28, 2011.

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1 Mecca Roundabout Project Mecca, CA September 28, 2011

2 Mecca Downtown Revitalization Plan

3 Mecca Roundabout

4 Project Overview Project Start: June 2012 Project Completion: End of 2012 Funding –Federal Grant / Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program is funding $2 million –Redevelopment Agency for the County of Riverside is funding the remaining $1 million

5 Purpose of Project Gateway into Mecca Safety Improved Traffic Flow

6 Benefits of a Roundabout Safety: –Slower vehicle speeds –Reduces the severity of crashes –Keeps pedestrians safer –Saves lives Efficient traffic flow –30-50% increase in traffic capacity Environmentally friendly –Less vehicle emissions –Less fuel use –Less noise Community Benefits –Creates a community entrance statement Reduction in fatalities by up to 90%Reduction in injury crashes by 76%Reduction in pedestrian crashes by 30-40%

7 Existing and Future Intersection

8 Mecca Roundabout Features

9 How to Use a Roundabout Slow down as you approach, checking for vehicles and pedestrians. Yield to traffic already in the circle. Turn right as you enter the roundabout (traffic in roundabouts always flows one way - counterclockwise). Do not stop once inside the roundabout. Before exiting, use turn signals to indicate where you will exit the roundabout. Remember that many roundabouts feature crosswalks after you have exited the roundabout itself. Always yield to anyone in this crosswalk.

10 North Detour Route

11 South Detour Route Thobe

12 66 th Avenue Grade Separation Project

13 Frequently Asked Questions How will a roundabout work when there is a train at the crossing? –The same as it is now. Drivers will wait for the train to pass. –The roundabout will clear traffic quicker than stop signs or traffic signals. –Advance warning signs will be installed near 2 nd Street and 6 th Street. –A bridge over the railroad tracks is a separate project in design. How will the roundabout affect response time of emergency vehicles? –The same as it is now or better, because traffic will clear the intersection quicker. How will large trucks fit through the roundabout? –The roundabout is designed for large trucks, fire engines and buses. The back wheels of these large vehicles run over the truck aprons.

14 Breakout to Information Booths

15 Thank you.

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