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Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings

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1 Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings
Chapter 2 Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings

2 2.1 Traffic Signs Each sign shape and color have specific meanings
By knowing the meanings of each shape and color it can give you valuable information Each sign has a specific purpose

3 2.1 Traffic Signs Three Types of Signs
Regulatory Sign- controls traffic Warning Sign- alerts you to possible hazards and road conditions Guide Signs- gives directions

4 2.1 Traffic Signs Regulatory Sign
These signs tells you about laws you must obey Most important regulatory signs are STOP and YIELD and these have unique shapes All other regulatory signs are either white squares or rectangles with red or black lettering

5 Regulatory Sign: Stop Stop Sign
A STOP sign is used on a road that crosses a main highway or through street. You always must come to a full stop at this sign (and stop behind the stop line or crosswalk) You must also yield the right of way to: Pedestrians Other vehicles in or approaching the intersection

6 At some intersections stop signs might be posted in all four corners
Four Way Stop At some intersections stop signs might be posted in all four corners Follow these steps when approaching: The driver who stopped first should be allowed to go first When vehicles stop to the right or left of each other at the same time, the driver on the left should yield to the driver on the right. When stopped across the intersection facing oncoming traffic, the driver going straight should proceed, the driver turning left should wait. Show your intention to proceed by moving forward slowly before entering the intersection Check for traffic ahead and to the sides before entering intersection

7 Four Way Stop

8 Regulatory: Yield Yield
To allow others to use the intersection before you do Always slow down or stop and give the right of way to traffic when approaching the intersection

9 Regulatory Sign: Speed Limit
Speed limit signs are used to manage traffic flow at safe speeds Speed limit signs are set for IDEAL weather conditions Basic Speed Law- when traffic, roadway, or weather conditions are not ideal, you may not drive faster than is safe and prudent for existing conditions, regardless of posted speed limit Minimum Speed Limit- is set on some roadways to keep traffic moving safely, (highways and expressways) This speed limit tells you not to drive slower than the posted minimum speed unless conditions are less than ideal Advisory Speed Limit: set for special conditions such as sharp curves

10 Other Regulatory Signs
Other signs are used to direct traffic to turn or go straight, direct one-way traffic, control parking and passing Signs with red words on white or white words on red usually tell you what NOT to do. Black lettered words usually tell you what you CAN do Black symbols in red circles crossed with a diagonal slash usually indicate something that is prohibited to do


12 Warning Signs These signs can help you avoid surprise situations
Most warning signs are diamond-shaped and have black symbols or lettering on a yellow back round

13 Warning Signs

14 School Zone Warning Signs A school zone is a portion of the street or highway that is near a school and subject to special speed limits. A school zone sign only shows two children and it is posted within a block of the school A school crossing sign shows children in a crosswalk area *Be extra alert in a school zone. Children might dart out into the street without looking. They might ride bicycles on the wrong side of the road or take unexpected actions.

15 No-Passing Sign A yellow, pennant-shaped sign with black letters
Warning Signs No-Passing Sign A yellow, pennant-shaped sign with black letters Usually posted on the left side of the roadway This sign appears at the start of a no passing zone and provides advanced warning of where a no-passing zone starts. These signs are usually used together with a solid yellow line.

16 Construction Sign An orange sign in a diamond or rectangular shape
These signs alert you to construction zones Be ready to slow, stop, or drive around workers and equipment Follow the directions from signs and workers directing traffic In N.J., fines are DOUBLED in construction zones Warning Signs

17 Warning Signs Railroad Signs This sign is posted about 250 feet before a railroad crossing in an urban area and about 750 feet before the railroad in a rural area.

18 Guide Signs These signs provides a variety of information such as marking routes, intersections, service areas, and other points of interest. Green guide signs provide information on destinations ahead and distances to be traveled Blue signs highlight highway services such as fuel, food, lodging, and nearby hospitals Brown Signs direct you to recreation areas or cultural points of interest

19 International Signs These signs convey information with symbols rather than words

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