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The Cold War 1. Essential Question How did WW2 help lead to the start of the Cold War? 2.

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1 The Cold War 1

2 Essential Question How did WW2 help lead to the start of the Cold War? 2

3 Introduction At end of WW2, U.S. & Soviet Union became known as SUPERPOWERS – U.S. – Atomic Bomb & Powerful Economy – U.S.S.R. – Red Army Each attempted to expand influence Global competition led to conflicts on every continent for next 45 years “Cold” because neither side attacked openly 3

4 Roots of the Cold War Competing ideological systems Leaders wanted to spread their ideas 4

5 Western DemocraciesSoviet Communism Political System Citizens elected representatives, & had right to form own political parties. Dictatorship controlled by Communist Party. Only this party was allowed to operate. Individual Rights Basic Rights (Speech, Press, & Religion) Few rights, government controlled media, Secret police arrested critics, & religion was discouraged. Economic System People & corporations could own land & businesses. Businesses provided goods & services to make profit. Very little private property. Government controlled production, and private farms became state owned collectives. Roots of the Cold War 5

6 The Cold War Begins in Europe DO NOT COPY THIS SLIDE The Yalta Conference NATO Warsaw Pact 6

7 The Yalta Conference Roosevelt, Churchill, & Stalin met before WW2 ended in 1945 Made plans for post-war world Split Germany into 4 zones to be occupied by 3 allies & France 7

8 An Iron Curtain Falls on Eastern Europe Soviet Army put local Communist leaders in charge of Eastern European nations Stalin used Eastern Europe as buffer to protect Soviet security Many Eastern European countries became Soviet satellites Trade & communication cut off between East & West Countries forced to create Communist governments & economies 8

9 Growing American Involvement Leaders feared Stalin wanted to rule world, like Hitler U.S. was only nation that could stand up to Soviets & Communism Truman Doctrine – U.S. would support people resisting Communism, began U.S. containment Wouldn’t overturn existing Communism, but would prevent it from spreading 9

10 Marshall Plan – Gave money to Western European nations to rebuild economies & resist Communism Berlin Airlift – 1948 – Allies merged 3 German zones – Stalin closed access to Berlin & east – Allies airlifted food & supplies – Stalin admitted defeat, removed blockade Growing American Involvement 10

11 Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) created in 1949 German Democratic Republic (East Germany) created in response Growing American Involvement 11

12 NATO & Warsaw Pact North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – U.S., Canada, & 10 Western European countries – Protect Western Europe from Communism – U.S. pledged to use nuclear weapons to defend Europe Warsaw Pact – Soviet response to NATO – Communist countries created alliance 12

13 How WW2 Started Cold War Emergence of 2 Superpowers Ideological Differences Reemerge Soviet Security Fears U.S. Leaders Avoid Isolationism & Appeasement New Weapons Lead to Cold War Rise of Communism in Asia 13

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