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Chapter 5 Cultures Clash on the Prairie

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1 Chapter 5 Cultures Clash on the Prairie
Could be a bell-ringer if needed

2 Settlers Push Westward
Culture of white settlers differed greatly from Native Americans Sought new land, gold, PROFIT! Natives believed land could not be owned

3 Settlers Pushed Westward
Whites argued the Natives had forfeited their rights to the land b/c they hadn’t settled down Most native tribes were nomadic Why were they nomadic?

4 Settlers Pushed Westward
How do you think natives benefited from the use of horses? (Introduced to them by the Spanish in the 1500’s) How do you think the settlers and natives differed in their purposes for hunting buffalo?

5 Clash 1834  Federal government designated the Great Plains as land set aside for Native Americans 1850’s  Government further restricts tribes to individual areas How do you think the Indians reacted?

6 Massacre at Sand Creek U.S. Army Commanders attack a Cheyenne camp and kill 150 Indians, mostly women and children

7 Death on the Bozeman Trail
Crazy Horse (Sioux) attacks white settlement on the Bozeman Trail 80 U.S. soldiers killed Battle of the Hundred Slain OR Fetterman Massacre Which name was given by whites?

8 Red River War 1874-1875  Comanche continue to resist white expansion
U.S. military ordered to place friendly tribes in reservations Hang all warriors Burn villages Bring women and children to camps

9 Custer’s Last Stand Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull kill all of Custer’s men at the Little Bighorn River Sioux were later defeated Sitting Bull forced to surrender to save his people from starvation


11 Check It Out Page 205  Shrinking of Native Lands
Page 207  Importance of Buffalo Page 206  A Personal Voice

12 What should be done with the Indians?
Debate Use the information from your notes and Chapter 5 (Especially section 1) Get out a sheet of paper Write your designated role at the top Mediators Native Americans White settlers Work as a group to create arguments for your side Make each person a character For example: You could be the wife of a white settler or a Native American child

13 Government Supports Assimilation
Native Americans would give up beliefs and way of life and become part of the white culture 1887  Dawes Act Aimed to “Americanize” the Indians Why is this ironic?


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