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HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Online System.

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1 HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Online System

2 Reasons for the Online System Consistent communication and formatting Better submission and review Better security Better final reports

3 Processes That Will Be Handled in the System Initial proposals Requested clarifications and edits Preliminary review Proposal approval Reporting and documentation Final submission

4 Things to Consider Before You Begin You may want to use the WORD Project Template to compose your submission prior to beginning entry in the online system.WORD Project Template You CAN start your proposal at any time and save along the way. You can return to complete the items just by logging back in and navigating to the point you saved. All submissions and attachments must be submitted through the online system. Be sure to SAVE your Account # and Password in a secure location.

5 First Time System Log In 1. If you do not have an account, contact 2. Type in the Account # assigned to you. 3. Type in the password assigned to you. 4. Click button labeled “Log into Project.” 5. Please save your Account # and Password in a secure location.

6 Main Screen 1. This screen will “populate” with your contact information. You can edit this information if needed. 2. All items in the upper box are required fields to save your progress. 3. You must provide a DUNs # or the date you applied for the number. 4. Please read each field description carefully and provide clear answers. 5. After you have completed each page, it is a good idea to SAVE before progressing to the next section.

7 Save Screen 1. When you save, you will advance to this screen. 2. To continue working on the form, just select “Return to form.”

8 Text Area Expansion 1. Text areas will expand as you fill in your answer. 2. If the text area is collapsed, any key stroke will expand the area again. 3. Copy and Pasting : Text areas may not expand on their own. Select the area and press the shift key or any key stroke to expand them.

9 Advancing Screens 1. Advance screens by using the “Next“ button. 2. The “Prev” button allows you to go back.

10 Not Applicable 1. In some areas you may not have any activity to report. 2. A “Not Applicable” check box has been provided.

11 Adding and Deleting Rows 1. You may need multiple lines to enter all the elements of your project. 2. An “Add Row” and “Delete Row” button are provided for this purpose.

12 Budget Tables Total 1. Sections will auto-total the “Funds Requested” fields as the table is filled in, so please enter numbers carefully.

13 Auto Total of the Budget Summary 1. The “Budget Summary” will auto-total. 2. If you find errors here, you must return to the other tables above to make corrections.

14 Submitting Your Proposal 1. When you have completely filled out your proposal and have everything as you intended, please click the “Submit Your Profile” button.

15 Locking Application for Review 1. You will be asked if you are sure you are ready to submit. 2. After clicking “Ok,” the proposal becomes locked for review and no other edits are possible.

16 Required Feilds 1. There are a number of required fields in the proposal. Upon final submission, you may be alerted to a missing entry. 2. Please use the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to navigate back to the empty field and complete that entry before trying to submit again.

17 Final Screen 1. After saving successfully you will receive this screen. 2. Log back in to review or print your application.

18 Printing A Copy 1. Please print a copy for your records. 2. At the top of the page is a “Print A Copy” button which expands all text areas and shows the entire form. 3. You may then print the page from your browser’s “Print” button if the Print window does not automatically appear.

19 Clarifications and Edits If more clarification is needed on a proposal, you will be contacted about those areas that need more attention. 1. Log in using the same credentials provided to you. 2. After you have completed the required edits, please resubmit the proposal.


21 How To Upload Documentation 1. On the “Log in” screen, please enter your Account # and Password. 2. Click on the button labeled “Log in to Submit Documentation.” 3. If you have more than one project in progress you will be presented, with a selection.

22 Upload Documentation Form 1. Use this form to upload any needed documentation for your project. 2. Click the “Browse” button to find the item/document on your computer. 3. Click the “Upload” button to submit the document.

23 Online System

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