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Welcome to the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Online Employment Site Applicant Tutorial!

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1 Welcome to the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Online Employment Site Applicant Tutorial!

2 This presentation will take approximately 20 minutes. Click on your mouse to go to the next slide OR click on the box at the bottom of each page. To go back a slide, click on the box. Southeastern Louisiana University Online Employment Site Training for Applicants

3 Section 1: Getting Started After reviewing this tutorial, you will be able to use the system to: 1)Learn about opportunities at Southeastern Louisiana University 2)Complete an application for employment 3)Apply for specific position(s) 4)Attach a resume or other document to your application for each position 5)Log in to the site to view your status for each position to which you have applied

4 Items To Gather Before Beginning Your Application: Position number(s) or title(s) of positions for which you are applying Educational history information and dates Work history information and dates Resume, if required Curriculum Vitae, if required Cover letter, if required College transcripts, if required Other documents as per Special Instructions to applicants listed in the posting Helpful Hints: Do not use your browser's "Back", "Forward" or "Refresh" buttons to navigate the site. This may cause unexpected results, including loss of data or being logged out of the system. Please use the navigational buttons within the site. To protect the security of your data, the system will log you out if it detects no activity for 60 minutes. Please do not leave your computer for more than 60 minutes while completing your application for employment. Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions You Are Now Ready To Begin The Tutorial!

5 STEP 1 – Creating Your Login ID Click the Create Application link.

6 Creating Your Login ID (cont.) Choose the appropriate application for the position you are interested in by clicking the radio button. Then click GO >>

7 Username ******** ******** Create a User Name Note: User Name and password are case- sensitive. Create a password – you will type this word twice, but only **** will appear to protect your security. After typing your information, click the Continue button to proceed to the next page. Creating your Login ID (cont.) Creating Your Login ID (cont.)

8 Important Note: Don’t forget to write down your user name and password. You will need it to check the status of your application, or to apply for positions in the future.

9 Click here to go to the next page. Creating Your Login ID (cont.) Click on the arrow below and select a question from the available security questions. Enter your response here.

10 Creating Your application Creating Your Application To scroll down the page, use your mouse and the “scroll bar” here (or simply press the “Page Down” key on your keyboard. This process consists of several separate “pages” (or web pages) of information. Each page will also have information that you may need to “scroll down” to access.

11 Creating Your Application (cont.) You may quit the application process at any time by clicking Save and Stay on This Page and then clicking on Exit. Once you have completed each section, click here to go to the next page.

12 Questions with asterisks next to them are required questions and must be answered to continue to the next screen. Creating Your Application (cont.) The first screen displays the Personal Information screen, where you enter your name, address, and other similar information.

13 If you’ve forgotten to complete any “required fields,” you will get an error message at the top of the page. The “required fields” that you need to complete will be highlighted in yellow. Error Messages

14 Voluntary Information The second screen displays a Voluntary Demographic Data screen. As part of our commitment to equal employment opportunity efforts, our institution conducts a survey of all job applicants. Submission of this information is entirely voluntary, and its contents are confidential to Human Resources. We do, however, appreciate your assistance and ask that you complete the following section. If you choose not to disclose this information you may bypass this section by clicking Save and Continue to Next >> at the bottom of the page.

15 Creating Your Application – Education On this page you will list your educational history. To begin, click Add New Entry.

16 Creating Your Application – Education (cont.) On this page you will list your educational experience. When finished, click Add Entry. Repeat these steps until all desired data has been entered.

17 On this page you will list your work experience. To begin, click Add New Entry. Creating Your Application - Employment

18 Once you have entered your information, click Add Entry at the bottom of the page. Repeat these steps to add additional employment experience.

19 Once you have finished entering your Employment History, click Save and Continue to Next>>. Continue completing the remaining pages of the application. Creating Your Application - Employment

20 The Online ‘Consent’ Form Before completing your application you will be given an opportunity to review a summary of the information provided by scrolling on this page. If you need to edit any information before continuing you may click on Edit My Information and continue to the appropriate page to edit. Next you will electronically “sign” your application by clicking Continue.

21 Certifying Your Application Click Confirm to certify that your answers are correct.

22 After finishing your application, you will automatically be taken to the Application Status page. You are now ready to search and apply for open positions. Click on the Home link to get started. Search Postings

23 Section 2: Applying for a Position Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for positions Now that you have completed your application, it’s time to begin applying for position(s).

24 Applying For A Position From the Home page you may view postings by a specific Position Type by clicking on the appropriate type under Job Opportunities, or click on the Search Postings link to search all postings.

25 Click “View” to see the Position details. Applying For A Position (cont.)

26 To apply for this position, click here. Applying For A Position (cont.) The Position details are listed here.

27 Supplemental Questions Some postings will have supplemental questions. After completing the questions you will scroll down and click the check box to “certify” that your answers are “true and complete” and Submit your answers. Note: If you do not select the check box you will not be allowed to proceed.

28 Some positions will require that you attach a resume, cover letter, and/or other document to your application. If you wish to do so, click Attach next to the relevant Document Type. In order to attach a document, you will need to have saved it in an electronic format such as a Word document or a PDF file (see next slide). Attaching Your Document An asterisk (*) indicates that the document is required for the application.

29 Click here to search your computer’s hard drive or a floppy disc to locate your document. Attaching Your Document (cont.) Or, copy and paste the text of your document here. Note that using this Paste box will not preserve the formatting of your documents (fonts, etc.)

30 For example - Double click on 3½ Floppy (A:) to search a disk. A pop-up screen will open and you can search for your document. Select the location of your file Attaching Your Document (cont.)

31 Click on the file name of your document. Then click Open here. Attaching Your Document (cont.)

32 Confirm your attachment by clicking Attach here. Attaching Your Document (cont.)

33 Click Confirm Attaching Documents. Attaching Your Document (cont.)

34 To attach additional documents, click another Attach link for the relevant document. Note: In order to complete applying, you must attach all “Required” documents. Attaching Your Document (cont.) Once you have finished attaching your documents, click on Finished Attaching Documents. The Confirm page will appear (see next slide).

35 Confirm Completion of Attaching Documents Click Yes to confirm that you are finished attaching documents. Note: You will not be allowed to attach more documents once you click Yes.

36 Completing Your Application CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just applied for a position. Write down your confirmation number and then click OK.

37 You can see your status and review your applications for each position on the Application Status screen. Managing Your Applications

38 You can edit your application(s) prior to applying for other postings by clicking on Manage Applications. Note: You will not be able to modify an existing application once it has been submitted for a position. Managing Your Applications (cont.)

39 To log in when you return to the Online Employment Site, go to At the home page click on Login. The Login screen will appear and you will enter your existing User Name and Password. Returning to Online Employment Site If you need additional assistance, please contact the Human Resources Office at 985-549-5496. If you forget your User Name or Password, click here. Follow the instructions to have your username emailed to you, or to have your password reset.

40 Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Southeastern Louisiana University! If you have any questions, or if you need special accommodations, please contact the Human Resources Office at 985-549-5496

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