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Avon Foundation for Women Breast Health Outreach Program Online Application Tutorial.

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1 Avon Foundation for Women Breast Health Outreach Program Online Application Tutorial

2 Accessing the Online System There are two ways to access the online system: 1/ Start a new application The URL to begin a NEW application to the Avon Foundation Breast Health Outreach Program is: 2/ Log into a previously created application account If you have previously used the application system and created an account, you can log back in to see applications you have started or submitted by following this link:

3 Accessing the Online System through the BHOP Website:

4 Account Log-In Page Enter E-mail Choose your option Enter password This is the account log-in page. Here you will either need to create a new account (if a new applicant) or use your existing log in if you have created an account previously. It is imperative that you use your functional work e-mail address as your log-in e-mail

5 Enter Tax ID Number Enter your organization’s Tax ID / EIN number here

6 Tax ID Error If your Tax ID is not found in the IRS database you will receive this message. Please check the number. If your organization has federal non- profit status and you believe that you are receiving this message in error, please contact for assistance.

7 Eligibility Quiz Most applications have an Eligibility Quiz in which you have to answer questions just to ensure you meet basic criteria for receiving funding. Qualifying Question Answers are located in the drop down after each question

8 Eligibility Quiz, continued If your answers to the Eligibility Quiz do not reflect the guidelines of the application, you will fail the quiz and receive this message.

9 Application This is the actual application page where you will enter information for your application Each required field is identified by a pink diamond and needs to be completed before the application can be submitted Required Fields

10 Collaboration Tip If you plan to work on your application collaboratively, it is easier to have your team work on a Microsoft Word-based version of the application document. A Microsoft Word-based version of the application can be found on Please note: ONLY applications submitted through the online system will be accepted. If you decide to use the word-based version of the application, you will need to cut and paste the information in to the online form for submission.

11 Attachments Page Attachment Type – select from drop down box Click on the Browse button to locate the document to be uploaded on your computer Then click on upload Requirements are clearly outlined on the attachments page of the application. Templates for the Program Narrative, Agency Profile Form, Program Budget and Medical Provider Commitment Forms can be found at:

12 Attachments & Resources Posted on BHOP Website

13 Application Page Parts If you want to return to the BHOP Website, click on this link To navigate to the different pages of the application, you can click on the page numbers here At any time you want to review your application or when you’re done, click here If you want to print your application, click here If you want to email a draft of your application, click here

14 Application Page Parts, continued At any time during your application submission, if you wish to save and continue at a later time, you can click the “Save & Finish Later” button. When you are ready to continue you will log back into your grant application account using this URL: When you have filled in each field and added all required attachments, you can click on “Review & Submit” to review your application before submission. You will still be able to make needed changes

15 Save & Finish When you click on “Save & Finish Later” this is the page you will see. You will have the ability to log back into your account and continue working on your application Account Log-In Web Address:

16 Application Review When you click on the “Review & Submit” button, if any of the required fields/documents are missing you will receive this message The system will then indicate the fields/attachments that are missing and required before submission

17 Full Proposal Review Once you have submitted a proposal there will be an extensive review of the information before funding is considered. This typically takes 8 weeks. You will be notified by AFBHOP staff by email when a decision is made to either fund or decline your request.

18 Questions & Inquiries If you have any questions about filling out the online application or the process, please do not hesitate to contact Avon Foundation grants staff.

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