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Office of Program Development and Funding Electronic Grants Management System Tutorial #1: Creating a Grant Application.

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1 Office of Program Development and Funding Electronic Grants Management System Tutorial #1: Creating a Grant Application

2 Once Logged on to GMS, click the “Accept” button

3 Log in to the system. Most default Usernames are your first initial, last name. The default password is the same, with an asterisk Added to the end of the password.

4 To begin an application, select “Project” from the Left menu frame

5 A list of currently active grants will be returned. (The grid will be empty if there are no active grants) Click “New” to begin a new application.

6 This is the General Project Screen. Note the Project Number at the top of the screen – prior to a DCJS Number being issued, this is the reference number For your grant. Enter all pertinent information for your application. SAVE information using the buttons at the top left Or bottom of the screen.

7 Now go to the “Participants” tab – Participants Are Grantees and/or Implementing Agencies You may work on an application, leave, and return to it at any time prior to submitting to DCJS, as long as you save your work.

8 Click “Add Participant”. A search screen will Open. Enter full or partial Participant name and Click OK to search the database.

9 Choose the Participant you wish to add from the Returned list. Select it by clicking on it. (If the Participant is not in the database you may click “New”)

10 You will be asked to assign a Type to the Participant – Select Grantee or Implementing Agency, as appropriate.

11 Click OK and your Participant will be added To the Project.

12 Next you will add Contacts to the Participant. GMS requires At least one Primary, one Signatory and one Fiscal Contact. (Generally, the signatory is associated with the Grantee, and Other contacts with the Implementing Agency – add Contacts As appropriate for your grant.) Select the Participant you will add a Contact for and click “Add Contact to…”

13 A second search screen will be returned. Enter a full Or partial Contact name

14 The search returns 15 possibilities per page, with arrows for Additional pages. Select your Contact by clicking on the name

15 Once more you will be asked to assign a Type to the Contact – choose the contact type appropriate.

16 Continue selecting and adding Participants/Contacts until You are done. The finished screen looks like this. Now go to the “Budget” tab.

17 This is the Budget module. If you are eligible for an Advance Request, enter that information and SAVE. Now select “Create new Budget Version” (GMS is designed To allow for multiple budgets for consortium grants).

18 Each budget line is added separately – select the budget Category, enter descriptive information and cost amounts. Enter a Justification. SAVE

19 You may change budget categories and continue entering Budget lines until finished. SAVE after each! When finished, click “Back to Budget Summary”

20 If your Project will be carried out by multiple agencies, you May enter budgets for each.

21 Your completed budget will look like this. Now click the “Work Plan” tab.

22 Enter the goal for your Work Plan, SAVE, then begin filling out the Work Plan by selecting “Create New Objective.”

23 Enter an objective for the Work Plan. SAVE.

24 Begin adding Tasks for your Objective by selecting “Add Task to this Objective”.

25 This is the Task/Performance Measure screen. Enter a Task and Performance Measure. SAVE. (Note: each Objective must have a Task and Performance Measure.)

26 Add additional Objectives and Tasks/Performance Measures As needed. This is what the completed screen looks like. Now click the “Questions” tab.

27 Some funding programs require answers to Program- Specific Questions. (If this area is blank, these are not Required by the Program you are applying for.) Begin Answering Questions by clicking on a Question to open it.

28 Read the Question. Enter your answer in the box Provided. SAVE.

29 Completed Questions look like this. Once your application is complete, you are ready to SUBMIT it to DCJS.

30 To SUBMIT your application to DCJS, click “Submit” in The left Menu frame. Note the Caution Message – Submitted Projects will be locked to further edits.

31 GMS will tell you if any part of your application is Incomplete. Click “Go Back” to return to your Application to enter missing information.

32 Return to the areas of missing information and Complete the application. SAVE.

33 Resubmit your application.

34 Once submitted, your Project will be locked to further Edits. Note the “Locked” indicator in the upper left.

35 Your submitted application will be saved into the GMS system. Notification will be sent to DCJS That an application is ready for review. You will be contacted by a Program Representative Regarding your request for funding. Thank you for viewing this Tutorial. End.

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