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The Dinner Party by Mona Gardner Review.

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1 The Dinner Party by Mona Gardner Review

2 1. What is plot? The sequence of events in a story, novel, or play.

3 2. List and define the five elements of plot.
1) Exposition introduces characters, setting, and the basic situation. 2) Rising Action develops the conflict or problem; builds suspense or increases tension. 3) Climax describes the moment of greatest suspense, emotion, or interest. 4) Falling Action reveals what happens after the climax. 5) Resolution reveals the final outcome and completes the falling action; when the reader learns how the conflict is resolved.

4 3. What is conflict? The problem or struggle in a story.

5 4. List and describe the two types of conflict.
1) Internal- Character vs. Himself 2) External- Character vs. Outside Forces

6 5. What is the setting of the story, The Dinner Party?
A dinner party in India at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wynnes.

7 6. What do the young woman and the colonel argue about?
Whether women can remain as calm as men in a crisis.

8 7. When does the American first realize something is wrong?
He sees a strange expression come over the hostess’s face.

9 8. What does the American do when he sees the snake bait being put on the veranda?
He tries to keep everyone calm and safe by challenging the guests to remain absolutely still or forfeit fifty rupees.

10 9. Who turns out to have the most control of anyone in this story?
The hostess; although it can be argued that the naturalist is equally controlled.

11 10. When does the naturalist realize that a snake is in the room?
When the servant puts a bowl of milk on the veranda.

12 11. According to the colonel, what do women always do in a crisis?

13 12. What does the hostess whisper to the servant?
She tells him to put a bowl of milk on the veranda.

14 13. What is the purpose of this story?
The story shows readers how generalizations about people and groups are frequently incorrect.

15 14. How does the American show control?
By keeping the guests still.

16 15. Who is really the outsider at the dinner party?
the American naturalist

17 16. Who are the hosts of the dinner party?
Mr. and Mrs. Wynnes

18 17. What does the hostess prove to her guests?
She proves that the assumption that all women do not handle crises well is false.

19 18. What bright plan does the American naturalist propose?
In order to prevent panic at the sight of the snake, he pretends to play a game that will keep everyone still. He says that whoever moves will forfeit fifty rupees. He proposes this test under the guise of finding out who has the most control—the men or the women in the group.

20 19. What is the reaction of the guests to the naturalist’s proposal?
They readily accept his challenge, as they were just engaging in a debate about the subject of men and women handling crises differently.

21 20. When the host gives credit to a man for having the most control, what does the naturalist do?
The naturalist points out to everyone that a woman, not a man, had the most control because the snake was evident to Mrs. Wynnes before it was evident to anyone else. She handled the situation calmly by requesting a bowl of milk to entice the snake away from her guests.

22 21. One who studies living things, especially plants or animals, by observing them directly.

23 22. Demanding the attention; striking.

24 23. To make or become serious or quiet.

25 24.To lose as a penalty for some error or failure.

26 The End

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