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Fish cheeks By Amy Tan.

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1 Fish cheeks By Amy Tan

2 What is conflict? What are the two types of conflict?

3 Elements of Plot Climax
Is the turning point and the moment of greatest suspense Makes the outcome of the conflict clear Rising Action: Presents complications that intensify the conflict Builds suspense Resolution: Reveals the final outcome Ties up loose ends Falling Action: Eases the suspense Reveals the outcome of the story’s climax Shows how the main character resolves the conflict Exposition: Introduces setting and characters Introduces the conflict

4 Take out a sheet of paper and title it: Fish Cheeks
Include the proper heading

5 Answer the following questions using complete sentences.
What is the main conflict in the story? Is this conflict internal or external? (Character vs. _____?) How is the conflict resolved? What does Amy Tan learn from this experience? This is a personal narrative. Write two specific things you think Amy Tan did very well in her story. (example: I like how she described her Christmas wishes as, “this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose.”)

6 6. Create a plot diagram for Fish Cheeks
This should be detailed and thorough. Either create a list or make a mountain plot diagram. Exposition: Rising Action: Climax: Falling Action: Resolution:

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