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Story Elements.

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1 Story Elements

2 Story Elements Plot Theme - rising action Setting - conflict
- climax - falling action - resolution Theme Setting Characters Point of view Characterization

3 THEME The main idea or life lesson, usually expressed as a generalization. SETTING The time and place in which a work of literature happens.

4 CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW The people (or actors) in the story.
First Person – A character tells the story Third Person - Narrator

5 CHARACTERIZATION The description of the personalities of the characters in the story and the way in which an author reveals their personalities.

6 PLOT The sequence of major events in a story. The plot includes:
Exposition Statement - The part of the plot that tells how the story begins. (Usually revealed in the first few pages of the story) Rising Action - The events in the story leading up to the climax. Conflict - Struggles or problems between opposing forces.

7 More PLOT Climax - The point of crisis in the plot. It may be the reader’s point of highest interest. Falling action - The events in the story after the climax is revealed. Resolution - The final outcome of the story.

8 PLOT DIAGRAM Climax Rising Action Conflict Exposition Resolution
Falling Action Exposition Resolution

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