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12 th Grade Registration 2011-2012. What to keep in mind when registering for classes  High school graduation requirements  Plans after high school.

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1 12 th Grade Registration 2011-2012

2 What to keep in mind when registering for classes  High school graduation requirements  Plans after high school (including college admissions requirements)  Interests and Abilities  Always easier to drop a class for a prep period later (not as easy the other way around)

3 Resources that you can use to help with class selection  Registration Manual (on-line)  On-line resources that identify college admission criteria  Parents or any other adults you trust and respect  Teachers, Counselors, Coaches  Other students

4 Registration Information  Receive registration information and materials today (Feb. 2 nd ) – Please share with your parent/guardian  Registration information is updated and posted on-line  You will have about 2 weeks to review information and seek advice  Course selections will be made on Tuesday, February 15 th  There will not be a lot of time to ask questions that day, so ask your questions between now and then!

5 Graduation Requirements Class of 2012  Pass all required courses 4 credits English 3.5 credits Social 3.0 credits Math (including Statistics) 3.0 credits Science 1.0 credit PE.75 credit Health.25 credit Speech 1.0 credit Visual or Performing Art  23.5 TOTAL CREDITS  Pass MCA/Grad Tests in Writing (9), Reading (10) and Math (11)

6 It is your ultimately your responsibility to track your own completion of the graduation requirements! (We are happy to help!)

7 Required Courses for 12 th grade  1.0 credit English English 12, Adv. Comp or AP Lit & Comp  1.0 credits Social Gov./Econ, Adv. Gov./Econ or AP US Gov.  Other courses needed to satisfy graduation requirements or college admission requirements Math (including Statistics) Science (must include Biology) Fine Arts Foreign Language *Minimum of 6 credit earning courses each semester

8 Fine Arts Classes (Will satisfy the graduation requirement) ARTMUSIC THEATER & COMMUNICATION OTHER Drawing I, II*, III*, IV* Varsity Choir Intro. To Theater Creative Writing – English Art I Concert Choir* Acting for Stage & Screen Yearbook - Business Painting I*, II*, III* Symphonic Band* Adv. Acting & Film Production Photography – Industrial Tech Ceramics I*, II*, III* Wind Ensemble* Media Arts AP Drawing & Painting* News & TV I * AP 3D Art* News & TV II* Digital Art*

9 Elective Course Options  Art – FINE ARTS Drawing I, II*, III*, IV* Art I Painting I*, II*, III* Ceramics I*, II*, III* AP Drawing and Painting* AP 3D Art* Digital Art*

10 Elective Course Options  Business Intro to Business Computer Science Game Programming Adv. Game Programming* Web Design I Web Design II* Personal Money Management Accounting I Accounting II* Career Development Yearbook – FINE ARTS Intro. to Marketing Sports Marketing* Marketing I/DECA* Marketing II/Adv. DECA* Work Experience with Work Experience Lab*

11 Elective Course Options  English Creative Writing – FINE ARTS  Communication Arts – FINE ARTS Introduction to Theater Acting for Stage and Screen Adv. Acting and Film Production Media Arts News & TV I* News & TV II*

12 Elective Course Options  Industrial Technology Intro to Tech. Wood Tech I, II*, III* Intro to CAD Drafting, Engineering*, Architecture* Photography – FINE ARTS  Music – FINE ARTS Varsity Choir, Concert Choir* Symphonic Band*, Wind Ensemble*

13 Elective Course Options  Physical Education -.5 credits in grades 10-12 Team Sports Outdoor Adventures Rec. & Lifetime Skills Stay in the Game Body Shop I, II*, III*, IV* Strength & Conditioning I, II*, III*, IV*

14 Elective Course Options  Social Studies Psychology Adv. Psychology*  World Language Spanish I, II*, III* Hispanic Cultures* CIS Spanish I* CIS Spanish II* Mandarin Chinese I, II*, III*, IV*

15 Elective Course Options  HS Teacher’s Assistant  Student Prep Period A (S1) – no credit earned  Student Prep Period B (S2) – no credit earned **Students may not have more than 1 SPP and 1 Teacher’s Assistant position each semester!

16 Elective course selections are only requests at this time! Each student will be asked to identify 3 alternate elective courses in case their first choice(s) are not possible.

17 ACT and SAT Registration  ACT Test dates:  April 9 th *  June 11 th  April 9 th at MWHS! School Code: 241-775 Register on-line  SAT Test dates:  May 7 th  June 4 th  No SAT at MWHS School Code: 241-775 Register on-line

18 Post-Secondary Planning  Junior Year ACT/SAT testing Finish junior year with strong grades Continue to research options for after high school and begin to narrow down selection  Senior Year College Application process Financial Aid Night – December Local Scholarships – February/March

19 Remember:  Tuesday, February 15 th you will register for classes (14 circles on the worksheet)  Sign up now for ACT/SAT tests (April 9 th ACT is at MWHS)  Now is the time to be seriously thinking about and planning for your life after high school.

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