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Sherwood High School Registration: Preparing for the 2015 – 2016 School Year!

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1 Sherwood High School Registration: Preparing for the 2015 – 2016 School Year!

2 Counselor Perspective  Selecting courses to meet graduation requirements  Selecting complimentary, rigorous courses for college/ career readiness  Opening the door to career pathways  Planning for life after high school

3 What Courses Should Students Take?  Students should plan their schedules keeping the end in mind. (College, Career, Military) (College, Career, Military)  Students should take courses that challenge them the most.  Students’ schedules should contain Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Students must complete 22 credits (28 possible in a full-time four-year program)

4 Graduation Requirements  English (4 credits)  Social Studies (3 credits)  Science (3 credits)  Math (4 credits)  Technology (1 credit)  Fine Arts (1 credit)  Physical Education (1 credit)  Health (1/2 credit)  Program of Study Foreign Language (2 credits), or Foreign Language (2 credits), or Advanced Technology (2 credits), or Advanced Technology (2 credits), or Career Development Program Career Development Program Example(s): Horticulture Pathway, Child Development Pathway, Med Careers Pathway, Edison Center, etc.Example(s): Horticulture Pathway, Child Development Pathway, Med Careers Pathway, Edison Center, etc.

5  Student Service Learning Hours (75 hours)  High School Assessments (Combined Total of 1602) Algebra Algebra Biology Biology English 10 English 10 NSL Government NSL Government Additional Graduation Requirements

6 Planning for College/Career  Rigor, Complementary to What You’re Interested in  Mathematics courses beyond Algebra II and Geometry with a grade of a B or better  3 - 4 credits of Science with a grade of a B or better  2 or more credits in a Foreign Language with a grade of a B or better, or 2 or more credits in Advanced Technology with a grade of a B or better

7 Planning for College/Career  Most colleges look for foreign languages.  Score of a 1650 or higher on SAT I and/or a 24 or higher on the ACT  A cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale  Internships related to the field of interest for some students

8 Marketability for College:  Strong G.P.A.  Honors and Advanced Placement courses  Strong SAT and/or ACT scores  Athletics, Service Learning, and Extra-curricular activities Extra-curricular activities

9 Courses  English  Social Studies  Science  Mathematics  Other

10 ESOL Language classes satisfy English requirement English 11 HonorsEnglish English 9 AP Lang AP Lit English 12 Honors English 10 Honors Electives: Journalism Yearbook Newspaper Creative Writing Lit As Film **MC - Speech AP Lang English 10 English 9 Honors

11 Social Studies US History NSL Honors US History Honors US History 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12 th Grade Electives: Global Issues, Psychology, Law I & Law II, Sociology I & Sociology II, African American Experience, Philosophy, Comparative Religions, Ancient and Medieval History, AP Comparative Govt/Politics, AP European History, AP Psychology, AP Macro Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP Human Geography **MC – Abnormal Psychology Honors MW History AP MW History AP NSL AP US History AP US History Honors/ AP NSL

12 Mathematics Statistics AP/Applications Geometry - SP or DP Pre-Calculus Algebra 2 SP - Single Period, DP - Double Period 12 th grade Electives: Quantitative Literacy, **MC - MV Calculus, Differential Equations Bridge to Algebra 2 Algebra 1 SP or DP Calculus AP/Applications

13 Science H Geoscience H Biology Biology H Chemistry Chemistry Elective H Biology DP Sem 1 H Chemistry DP Sem 2 10 th Grade Electives: Astronomy, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, Horticultural Science, Foundations of Medicine and Health Sciences, Structures and Functions of the Human Body, Wildlife Biology, Honors Geoscience, Foundations of Horticulture, Plant Production, Landscape Design H BiologyH Physics 9th Grade 10th Grade H Chemistry Chemistry Elective H Physics Physics Elective 11th Grade

14 AP Spanish (Language and Literature) AP French (Language) French 6 Foreign Language American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Italian Level 4 Honors Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 & 2

15 Physical Education Grade 9: General P.E. (1 st or 2 nd semester) Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (1 st or 2 nd Semester) Grades 10 – 12: Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (Elective Credit) Team/Individual Sports, Net Sports, Street Hockey/Lacrosse, Soccer/Adv. Soccer, Strength Training/Adv. Strength Training, Basketball/Adv. Basketball, Volleyball/Adv. Volleyball, Yoga Stretch

16 Health Comprehensive Health On-level or Honors Required in the 10 th grade *May do online/ summer 11 th and 12 th Grade Elective: Family Life and Human Development

17 Fine Art Electives Fine Arts Art Electives : Ceramics 1 – 3, Digital Art, Drawing & Design, Photography 1 – 3, Commercial Art, Digital Photography, Studio Art 1 – 3, AP Drawing, AP Studio Art 2-D, AP Studio Art 3-D, Theatre 1 – 2, Advanced Acting, Play Directing Music Electives: Chorus 1, Women’s Chorus, Show Choir, Honors Jazz Choir, Honors Chamber Singers, Jazz Lab, Honors Jazz Ensemble, Honors Symphonic Band, Honors Symphonic Orchestra, Piano 1 – 2, Guitar, Electronic Music, Music Perspectives, AP Music Theory and Composition

18 Technology Tech-Ed Courses: Foundations of Technology, Designing Tech Solutions, Intro to Engineering Design

19 Dates to Note Week of February 2 nd Enter course selections into computer through your English Class. February 9 th – Signed Course selections due to English teacher May – Course selections will be sent home for verification June 1 st – All Change Requests to Schedules MUST BE Submitted

20 Hand out cards Go Over Cards Q & A

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