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Registration Information And Infinite Campus Course Selection Instructions for the Class of 2018 Presented on 1/22 and 1/23.

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1 Registration Information And Infinite Campus Course Selection Instructions for the Class of 2018 Presented on 1/22 and 1/23

2  A-Go – Mr. Mike Ziroli  Gp-O – Mr. Pat King  P-Z – Mrs. Jane Bauer

3  CR/NC and Academic Level Change Forms due by Friday, January 30th for 2 nd semester  Annual classes require a CR/NC for both semesters  Summer School Registration is 2/9-2/15 and is online at  If you need help logging into IC please stop by the Discovery Center before/after school.

4 Available on the LT Guidance Counseling webpage under Academic Resources.

5  Registration worksheets and course selection sheets given to students- 1/22 and 1/23. WORKSHEETS MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED BY PARENT or GUARDIAN and brought to your meeting with your counselor (2/2-2/13)  Read the Academic Program Guide (APG), discuss course selections with teachers, counselors, parents/guardians before registration  Register in Infinite Campus. IC Portal open from 1/23 4:00pm- 1/28 3:00pm.  Requests made in Infinite Campus are not final until your meeting with your counselor (2/2- 2/13).  NO class changes after meeting with your counselor.

6  Access to Infinite Campus (go to the DC for help with access)  Course Request Worksheet  Course Offerings List (Green Sheet)  Conversations with teachers and family about class and level choices  Review your 4 yr plan  Review Academic Program Guide (available online:

7  Required courses will be entered by LT  Students will enter codes for requested and alternate courses  Prerequisites for courses  Course codes for requested courses (Green sheet)  Semester preference is not guaranteed for courses, including Study Hall

8  Course Request Worksheet – begin TODAY!  Importance of writing correct codes – take codes from Sophomore course offering (Green Sheet)  Fall (1 st Semester) courses end with “6”  Spring (2 nd Semester) courses end with “7”  You will enter in seven classes per semester (14 course codes total)  Plus, fill in 2 course Alternatives



11  4 Years English  3 Years Math  2 Years Science  1 Year World History  1 Year US History & Constitution Test .5 other Social Studies  3.5 Years PE (pass PE every semester enrolled at LTHS) . 5 Health .5 Driver Ed  1 Year Creative Arts  1 Year Practical Arts .5 Consumer Ed  4.5 Electives  Total: 23.0

12 SubjectIL Public University Requirements Highly Selective College Requirements English4years written & oral communication 4years Honors/AP as appropriate Mathematics3 years through Advanced Alg 4years inlc. Trig/Precalc/AP Social Studies3years4years with Accel/AP Science3years lab sciences prefer Bio/Chem/Physics 4years lab sciences prefer Bio/Chem/Physics/AP Foreign LanguageMinimum 2yrs same language or 2 yrs of fine arts, business, etc) 4 yrs of the same language Fine/Applied ArtsLT’s graduation requirements sufficient See individual college

13 Freshmen class  Sophomore year class English I Prep  English II Prep LA 5126/ LA 5127 & English II IPC Accel LA 7256/ LA 7257 Eng I Humanities  English II CCI LA 5226/ LA 5227 English I Accel  English II Accel LA 7126/ LA 7127 & English II Accel IPC LA 7256/ LA 7257 English I Honors  English II Honors LA 8126/ LA 8127 & English II Accel IPC LA 7256/ LA 7257

14 Freshmen class  Sophomore year class  Algebra I Prep  Geometry PrepMA 5136/7  Algebra I Accel  Geometry AccelMA 7146/7  Geometry Accel  Adv. Alg. Accel MA 7146/7  Geometry Honors  Adv. Alg. Honors MA 8156/7  Advanced Alg w/Trig  Pre-Calc Honors MA6356/7

15 Freshmen class  Sophomore year class Biology Accel  Chemistry Accel SN 7216/7 Biology Prep  Chemistry Prep SN 5616/7 Physical Science Prep  Biology Prep SN 5116/7 If currently in Humanities  Biology CCI SN 5226/7

16  One semester you will take HEALTH PE 9046 or PE 9047  One semester you will take SOPHOMORE PE PE 8126 or PE 8127 * cannot guarantee semester

17  World Language is NOT required for LTHS graduation  Pay attention to what colleges require for admission to their university (see academic preparation chart)  Pay attention that college graduation requirements may differ from their college admission requirements.

18 CREATIVE ARTS COURSE SELECTIONS Art Credit Animation.5 Ceramics Beginning.5 Ceramics Intermediate.5 Digital Photo Art.5 Drawing & Painting –Beginning.5 Drawing & Painting –Intermediate.5 Jewelry & Metalsmithing Beg. (Fall).5 Jewelry & Metalsmithing Intermed. (Sp).5 Language Arts Journalism: Journalistic Writing.5 Radio/TV Arts.5 Speech: Speech Arts.5 Theatre: Intro to Theatre.5 Theatre: Acting (Fall).5 LTTV Production (at NC only).5 Music Beginning Folk Guitar.5 Concert Band1.0 Concert Orchestra1.0 Sophomore Mixed Chorus1.0 Wind Ensemble (Audition, 10 th ) 1.0 Symphonic Orchestra (Audition, 10 th ) 1.0 Symphonic Band @ NC (Audition)1.0 Physical Education Dance Studies 1 (SC).5 Dance Studies 2 (SC/NC, Spring).5 PRACTICAL ARTS COURSE SELECTION APPLIED TECHNOLOGY CREDIT Engineering Design.5 Architectural Engineering Design 1.5 Architectural Engineering Design 2.5 Engineering & Invention 1.5 Aviation.5 Careers in Aviation (spring).5 Principles of Aeronautical Science (10 th only).5 Introduction to Furniture Making.5 Furniture/Cabinet Making 11.0 Furniture/Cabinet Making 2 (10 th grade only)1.0 Small Engines/Power.5 Adv. Small Engine Performance.5 Technology Concepts.5 BUSINESS EDUCATION PC Repair Maintenance (A+)1.0 Networking Essentials (NET+) 1.0 Computer Applications (MOS).5 Introduction to Business.5 Keyboarding.5 Programming in Visual Basic.5 Web Development 1.5 Web Development 2.5 FAMILY CAREER & LIFE STUDIES Culinary Arts.5 Advanced Culinary Arts.5 Child Development 1.5 Child Development 2.5 Intro to Family & Consumer Science Careers.5

19 SOCIAL STUDIES ELECTIVES AT SC  Contemporary Issues.5 (Level 3)  Economics.5(Level 3)  Human Geography.5 (Level 3)  Global Relations.5 (Level 4)  European History AP1.0 (Level 5) You don’t have to take a Social Studies in your sophomore year, but you will need a Social Studies elective by senior year. Contemporary Issues, Global Relations and Human Geography are NOT offered at NC.

20  Students born on or before Dec 31, 1999 may register for Driver Ed in summer school 2015  Sign up for summer Driver Ed by calling the Drivers Ed office at 579-6573  Students born on or before Feb 29, 2000  first semester DR 9116  Students born on or after Feb 29, 2000  second semester DR 9117 You may take Driver Ed privately, but you will need to turn in a certificate of completion to LTHS – Driver Ed is a requirement.




24 1) CLICK “Registration 15-16 Lyons Township High School CLICK HERE






30 This PowerPoint presentation, 15-16’ APG, and 4 year plan are available at WWW.LTHS.NET for your review during the registration process.

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