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Sherwood High School Registration: Preparing for the 2015 – 2016 School Year!

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1 Sherwood High School Registration: Preparing for the 2015 – 2016 School Year!

2 Counselor Perspective  Selecting courses to meet graduation requirements  Selecting complimentary, rigorous courses for college/ career readiness  Selecting courses that connect interests and ability  Opening the doors to career pathways

3 What Courses Should Students Take?  Students should plan their schedules keeping the end in mind. (College, Career, Military) (College, Career, Military)  Students should take courses that challenge them the most.  Students’ schedules should contain Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Students must complete 22 credits (28 possible in a full-time, four-year program)

4 Graduation Requirements  English (4 credits)  Social Studies (3 credits)  Science (3 credits)  Math (4 credits in high school)  Technology (1 credit)  Fine Arts (1 credit)  Physical Education (1 credit)  Health (1/2 credit)  Program of Study Foreign Language (2 credits), or Foreign Language (2 credits), or Advanced Technology (2 credits), or Advanced Technology (2 credits), or Career Development Program Career Development Program Example(s): Project Lead the Way, Horticulture Pathway, Child Development Pathway, Med Careers Pathway, Edison Center, etc.Example(s): Project Lead the Way, Horticulture Pathway, Child Development Pathway, Med Careers Pathway, Edison Center, etc.

5  Student Service Learning Hours (75 hours)  High School Assessments Biology Biology NSL Government NSL Government  PARCC Assessments Algebra Algebra English 10 English 10 Additional Graduation Requirements

6 Planning for College/Career  Rigor, Complementary to What You’re Interested in  Mathematics courses beyond Algebra II and Geometry with a grade of a B or better  3 - 4 credits of Science with a grade of a B or better  2 or more credits in a Foreign Language with a grade of a B or better, or 2 or more credits in Advanced Technology with a grade of a B or better

7 Planning for College/Career  Most colleges look for foreign language to be completed in high school.  Score of a 1650 or higher on SAT I and/or a 24 or higher on the ACT  A cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale  Internships related to the field of interest for some students

8 Marketability for College:  Strong G.P.A.  Honors and Advanced Placement courses  Strong SAT and/or ACT scores  Athletics, Service Learning, and Extra-curricular activities Extra-curricular activities

9 Courses  English  Social Studies  Science  Mathematics  Other

10 ESOL Language classes satisfy English requirement English 11 HonorsEnglish English 9 AP Lang AP Lit English 12 Honors English 10 Honors Electives: Journalism Yearbook Newspaper Creative Writing Lit As Film AP Lang English 10 English 9 Honors

11 Social Studies US History NSL Honors US History Honors US History 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 10 th Grade Electives: Global Issues, Psychology 11 th & 12 th Grade Electives: Global Issues, Psychology, Law I & Law II, Sociology I & Sociology II, African American Experience, Philosophy, Comparative Religions, Ancient and Medieval History, AP Comparative Govt. & Politics, AP European History, AP Psychology, AP Macro Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP Human Geography Honors MW History AP MW History AP NSL AP US History AP US History Honors/ AP NSL

12 Mathematics Statistics AP/Applications Geometry - SP or DP Pre-Calculus Algebra 2 SP - Single Period, DP - Double Period 12 th grade Electives: Quantitative Literacy, MV Calculus, Differential Equations Bridge to Algebra 2 Algebra 1 SP or DP Calculus AP/Applications

13 Science H Geoscience H Biology Biology H Chemistry Chemistry Elective H Biology DP Sem 1 H Chemistry DP Sem 2 10 th Grade Electives: Astronomy, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, Wildlife Biology, Honors Geoscience, Horticulture Science 11 th & 12 th Grade Electives: Molecular Biology, Anatomy & Physiology H BiologyH Physics 9th Grade 10th Grade H Chemistry Chemistry Elective H Physics Physics Elective 11th Grade

14 AP Spanish (Language and Literature) AP French (Language) Foreign Language French, Spanish, Italian, American Sign Language Level 4 Honors Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 & 2 Level 5 Honors

15 Physical Education Grade 9: General P.E. (1 st or 2 nd semester) Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (1 st or 2 nd Semester) Grades 10 – 12: Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (Elective Credit) Team/Individual Sports, Net Sports, Street Hockey/Lacrosse, Soccer/Adv. Soccer, Strength Training/Adv. Strength Training, Basketball/Adv. Basketball, Volleyball/Adv. Volleyball, Fitness Body Works, Yoga Stretch

16 Health Comprehensive Health On-level or Honors Recommended in the 10 th grade * May do online/ summer Online registration begins Mar. 11th 11 th and 12 th Grade Elective: Family Life and Human Development

17 Fine Art Electives Fine Arts Grade 9: Any Level 1 Course Grades 10 – 12: Level 1 courses or upper level courses Theater Electives: Theater 1 & 2, Adv. Acting, Play Directing Art Electives : Ceramics 1 – 3, Digital Art, Drawing & Design, Photography 1 – 3, Commercial Art, Digital Photography, Studio Art 1 – 3, AP Drawing, AP Studio Art 2-D, AP Studio Art 3-D Music Electives: Chorus 1, Women’s Chorus, Show Choir, Honors Jazz Choir, Honors Chamber Singers, Jazz Lab, Honors Jazz Ensemble, Honors Symphonic Band, Honors Symphonic Orchestra, Piano 1 – 2, Guitar, Electronic Music, Music Perspectives, AP Music Theory and Composition

18 Technology Grade 9: Any Tech-Ed Course Grade 10: Any Tech-Ed Course OR Advanced Tech Course Tech-Ed Courses: Foundations of Technology, Designing Tech Solutions, Intro to Engineering Design Other Tech Courses: (Project Lead The Way Courses) Principals of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Digital Electronics, Engineering Design & Development

19 Other Elective Choices Begin to think of your next path… Foundations of Health & Medicine* Foundations of Horticulture Project Lead the Way Courses* Computer Programming 1 – 3 Simulation & Gaming Web Site Development Accounting & Advanced Accounting Entrepreneurship & Business Management Financial Management w/ Software Applications Child & Adolescent Development 1 – 3* Intro to Hospitality & Tourism Travel Geography for AOHT Food Trends & Technology International Cultures & Cuisines Video Production * must begin your sophomore year to complete Program of Study

20 Dates to Note Week of February 2 nd Registration Begins – in computer labs w/ Counselors & at home February 9 th Signed Course selections due to English teacher May – Course selections will be sent home for verification June 15th – All Change Requests to Schedules MUST Be Submitted

21 Registration






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