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2 Introductions ●Josh Sanchez, Principal ●Kristi Hannigan, Asst. Principal ●Karen Berg, Counselor ●Paige Bradbury, Counselor ●Bryan McNiel, IHS Counselor ●Jim Allen, IHS Counselor

3 HIGH SCHOOL IS 4 YEARS 9 th Grade: Freshman – Northshore Junior High 10 th Grade: Sophomore – Inglemoor High School 11 th Grade: Junior – Inglemoor High School 12 th Grade: Senior – Inglemoor High School HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!!

4 CLASS OF 2019 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS ●Earn 24 credits ●Meet standard on state assessments ●Successfully complete two AP, IB, College in the High School, Tech Prep, and/or Running Start classes ●Complete High School and Beyond Plan

5 24 CREDITS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION SubjectYearsCredits English4 years4.00 credits Mathematics3 years3.00 credits Science3 years3.00 credits Social Studies3 years3.00 credits The Arts1 year1.00 credit Health/Fitness2 years2.00 credits Career & Technical Education 1 year1.00 credit Flexible CreditsGrades 9-127.00 credits Total24.00 credits

6 17 CORE Academic Credits ●4 credits English ●3 credits Social Studies ○World History ○US History ○Contemporary World Issues ●3 credits Math ○Algebra ○Geometry ○Student Math Choice (math must align with the student’s High School and Beyond Plan)

7 17 CORE Academic Credits cont. ● 3 credits Science (including 2 lab sciences) ○Physical Science ○Biology ○Student Science Choice (science must align with the student’s High School & Beyond Plan) ●1 credit Career and Technical Education ●1 credit The Arts ●2 credits Health and Fitness

8 7 FLEXIBLE Credits ●Classes beyond the required CORE Credits ●Based on student’s interest and High School and Beyond Plan Examples: World Languages, additional Art or Career and Technical Classes, 4th year of Math, Science, Social Studies

9 YOU MUST PASS THESE STATE ASSESSMENTS Biology End of Course Exam Grade 10 English Language Arts Smarter Balance Test Grade 10 or 11* Math Smarter Balance Test Grade 10 or 11* *Grade level still to be determined by state

10 OTHER GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS No more than TWO online classes to receive IHS diploma Successfully complete a combination of two AP, IB, Running Start and/or Tech Prep courses

11 OTHER GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS cont. ●Meet Washington State History Requirement ●Complete High School and Beyond Plan - Naviance ○Student’s plan for attaining post-secondary career and educational goals, created in collaboration with parent/guardian and school staff

12 COLLEGE ACADEMIC DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS (CADR) ✓ English4 credits ✓ Math3 credits ✓ Senior-year math-based quantitative course1 credit ✓ Science2 credits ✓ World Language2 credits ✓ Social Studies3 credits ✓ Fine Arts1 credit 4 year colleges in Washington state minimum: 3 CADRs each year, 2.0 GPA minimum, SAT/ACT scores

13 Minimum College Admission Standards – An Overview for Students and Parents Revised 12/2011 Students should consult with their local high school to obtain complete information about minimum college admission standards, And to be aware of which courses at their high school meet CADR guidelines, as determined by the local school district. HECB Document – Revised 12/11

14 Earning Credits vs. Grades Grades: A, B, C, D, P are passing grades F, NC, INC are NOT passing grades Credit: You earn.50 credit for each semester class you pass. You do not earn any credit for non-passing grades! Ultimate Goal: Earn 24.0 credits You have the opportunity to earn the following credits each year:.50 per class per semester 1.0 per class per year 6.00 for all classes per year

15 HOW DO CREDITS WORK? Sample 9 th Grade Schedule- First Semester Second Semester Year 1.English.50 credit+English.50 credit = 1.0 credit 2.Algebra.50 credit+Algebra.50 credit = 1.0 credit 3.History.50 credit+ History.50 credit = 1.0 credit 4.Science.50 credit+Science.50 credit = 1.0 credit 5.PE.50 credit+ Life Fitness.50 credit = 1.0 credit 6.Choir.50 credit+Choir.50 credit = 1.0 credit First Semester 3.0 credits + Second Semester 3.0 credits = 6 credits 6 credits per year x 4 years of high school = 24 credits

16 GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) 11-Point Grading System You earn the following points for each grade. Points are averaged by the number of classes taken. Your goal is to get the best GPA you can!

17 INTERESTED IN A 4-YEAR COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? In addition to the graduation requirements, you’ll need to complete 2-3 years of the same World Language. (4 years required for full IB diploma) Options for Northshore JH students include: Spanish* French* Japanese German American Sign Language (10 th grade only) Mandarin Chinese (10 th grade only) * = offered at NJH A 2.0 GPA in CORE classes is required.

18 TAKING CLASSES AT IHS Japanese German American Sign Language Mandarin Chinese French 100 & 200* Spanish 100 & 200* Year-long commitment No drops for grades or after CSS is in Responsible for all work 2.0 GPA in CORE Classes Required Different block schedule at IHS = Miss some of 2nd period at NJH on even block days * May be taken at IHS if we cannot run enough sections at NJH

19 9 TH GRADE ELECTIVES AT NJH FULL-YEAR Fine Arts: Career and Technical Education: Library Research Assistant, Peer Coaching World Language: French I, Spanish I, Spanish II (NJH unless full) French II, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (IHS) *American Sign Language available at IHS in 10th grade Band, Orchestra, Choir Advanced Drama, Advanced Art

20 9 TH GRADE ELECTIVES AT NJH ONE SEMESTER Fine Arts: Art 9 Career and Technical Education: Intro to Engineering, Foundations of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Gourmet Foods, Peer Coaching, Library Research Assistant Physical Education: Life Fitness, Aerobics/Conditioning, Racquet Sports, Lifetime Sports

21 CAN I WAIVE PE? Health Fitness Requirement:.5 = Physical Education* (HF).5 = Life Fitness (LF).5 = Health *PE (up to one year of activity based PE) can be waived through participation in high school sports.25 credit per season> (2 seasons = 1 semester class) Life Fitness and Health CANNOT be waived (some exceptions made for IB students)

22 WHAT IS IB? “IB” stands for International Baccalaureate – this is an internationally recognized honors program that offers challenging college-level work while in high school You can gain college credit through taking IB exams at the end of these courses IB classes start in 11 th Grade

23 THINK YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN IB DIPLOMA? Start World Language next year Consider Pre-IB English, World History and/or Physical Science Learn more by visiting the IHS IB website (under prospective students)

24 IMPORTANT DATES March 11, 2015 – 8th Grade Parent Night 7:00PM Library March 16, 2015 – Waivers accepted for 2015-2016 school year. All students whose home school is NOT NJH need to renew waivers. March 18, 2015 – Course Selection Sheets DUE to Homeroom or Attendance Office April 27 & 28, 2015 – Intro to Naviance/ Start on High School and Beyond Plan


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