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Mgr. Ema Jarošová. I’m happy She said that she was happy.

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1 Mgr. Ema Jarošová

2 I’m happy She said that she was happy.

3  When we tell people what somebody said or thought, we often use reported speech.  Tenses and pronouns (I, you...) change in reported speech if the time and speaker are different

4 SOMEBODY SAIDREPORTED SPEECH  „ I’m happy.“  „I have a problem.“  „She likes me.“  „My hands are cold.“  Ann said that she was happy.  I said that I had a problem.  He said that she liked him.  She said that her hands were cold.

5  'I speak French.' – He said........... spoke French.  'I'm sorry.' – She said..........was sorry.  'Ann phoned me.' – She said Ann had phoned........  'We want our money.' – They said....... wanted........ money.  'You are late.' – She said........ was late. he she her theytheir I

6  Present simple I’m a singer.  Present continuous I’m having lunch.  Present perfect We’ve been to France three times.  Past simple I bought a new car.  Past simple He said he was a singer.  Past continuous She said she was having lunch.  Past perfect They said they had been to France three times.  Past perfect He said he had bought a new car.

7 She said she wanted to go home. I want to go home.

8 They said they were watching a sitcom. We are watching a sitcom.

9 She said she had eaten spaghetti for dinner. I ate spaghetti for dinner.

10 They said they had never smoked We have never smoked.

11  Can/can’t “I can meet with you next Monday.”  will/ won’t “I’ll pick him up at the airport.” “I won’t tell anybody your secret.”  Could/ couldn’t She said she could meet with me next Monday.  Would/ wouldn’t She said she’d pick him up at the airport. She said she wouldn’t tell anybody my secret.

12 Bill (yesterday): "I won't work late today. " a) Bill said he shouldn't work late yesterday. b) Bill said he wouldn't work late yesterday. c) Bill said he couldn't work late yesterday. Jerry: "I'll help you!" a) Jerry said I would help him. b) Jerry said he would help me. c) Jerry said he won't help me.

13 Sharon: "I can give you a ride." a) Sharon said she is giving me a ride. b) Sharon said she has given me a ride. c) Sharon said she could give me a ride. Sue: “Sorry, I can’t talk now. I’m at work.” a) Sue said she wanted to talk. b) Sue said she couldn’t talk. c) Sue said she can’t talked.

14  todaythat day  tomorrow the day after/ the next day  yesterdaythe day before/ the previous day  nowthen  next week the next week  last weekthe week before/ the previous week Other expressions that change:  here there  this that

15 Emily: "Our teacher will go to London tomorrow." Emily said that...................................................... Michael: "I am going to read a book this week." Michael said that...................................... Helen: "I wrote a letter yesterday." Helen told me that.............................................. their teacher would go to London the next day. he was going to read a book that week. she had written a letter the day before.

16  The reporting verb is ask  The tense changes are the same as for reported statements  When we report questions, the subject comes before the verb. "Where are you going?„ He asked me where I was going.

17 He asked me why he was shouting. "Why is he shouting?"

18 Mum asked her what she was praying for. "What are you praying for?"

19 I asked them what they had bought. "What did you buy?"

20  speech-part-1-statements/ speech-part-1-statements/  questions questions  Solutions Intermediate Student’s Book

21 Thank you for your attention

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