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Terms of Persuasion Appeal Contradiction Bandwagon Testimonial

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1 Terms of Persuasion Appeal Contradiction Bandwagon Testimonial
Red Herring Testimonial False Authority Faulty Reasoning

2 Persuade To cause to do something by reasoning, urging, or inducement
To convince someone to take an action

3 Techniques Why do you need to know the techniques used for persuasion?
Where do you see these techniques used?

4 Bandwagon Comes from a term used in the circus
The “bandwagon” carried the circus band 

5 Bandwagon Appeals to the “everyone is doing it” mentality
They want you to “join the crowd” Creates a feeling of belonging

6 Bandwagon Voting Sports Ideas/Theories Popular Trends

7 Red Herring Term from the 1800’s
Dragged across game trail to throw off scent

8 Red Herring Presents a side issue not related to the topic
Something, usually a clue, intended to mislead or distract the audience

9 Red Herring Crime novels
Villains create a “red herring” in order to throw detectives off the case Politics: hide the real issues


11 False Authority Use of authority instead of evidence
No actual proof; relies on “expert” evidence Ex: “I’m a doctor, and I recommend this medicine.”

12 False Authority

13 Faulty Reasoning Defective reasoning
Reasons that don’t matter and/or that are not true Also called logical fallacies Overgeneralization Illogical Conclusion Personal Bias

14 Faulty Reasoning Example: 1. All humans are mammals.
2. All cats are mammals. So…… 3. All humans are cats. Completely illogical conclusion!!

15 Testimonial Root word…. _____________

16 Testimonial A statement in support of truth, fact, or claim
A recommendation Often done using celebrity endorsement

17 Testimonial

18 Transfer Associating symbols or feelings with a product
Attempts to link a positive or negative feeling with an object, person, value, or idea Ex: Dodge commercial with American flag


20 Sentimental Appeal A means of persuasion meant to convince a person based on an emotional response Ex: pet cruelty commercials; family loss


22 Scare Tactics Ex: anti-drunk driving, smoking, etc.
A strategy using fear to influence the public’s reaction “Shock value” adds to the impact the ad has on the viewer Ex: anti-drunk driving, smoking, etc.

23 Scare Tactics

24 Contradiction To go against what was previously said
Ex: We need to cut school funding which will decrease extra-curricular activities. This is going to affect students, and they may be upset, so the hiring of more counselors would be beneficial.


26 Comparison Related to “name-calling”
Comparing one product to another popular product Shows negatives of competition

27 Comparison

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