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Techniques of Persuasion.

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1 Techniques of Persuasion.
What are some techniques used to persuade or motivate you to do something? Here are some examples of how to appeal to someone’s ethos, logos, or pathos

2 There are many reasons people try to persuade others:
Companies use advertisements to persuade consumers to purchase their products. Peers sometimes use persuasion to get others to join them in an activity. People use persuasion to share their ideas when they feel strongly about something and they want others to agree.

3 Common persuasive techniques often used in advertising
Slogan Repetition Bandwagon Testimonial Emotional Appeal Expert Opinion Logical Appeal Purpose?

4 BANDWAGON In this technique, people persuade others to join them by convincing others that everyone else is doing it too.

5 For Example: A friend convinces another friend to go to a party by saying, “Everyone is going to be there! You’ll be laughed at if you don’t go too!”

6 Example: Be where the action is. Shop at Hang-out Mall.

7 Facts and Figures Statistics
In this persuasive technique, numbers, tables, and graphs are used to show statistics of both sides.

8 Facts and Figures Example
An advertisement might read, “This product kills 99% of your germs.” Surveys may be conducted and the results graphed to show people’s opinions.

9 Testimonial In this technique, famous people promote an item and draw attention. For example: Jessica Simpson on Pizza Hut commercials. Michael Jordan and Nike tennis shoes.

10 Testimonial Celebrity endorsements - when a product is sold by using words from famous people or an authority figure if the celebrity/athlete/star uses the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase it too.  Examples: Proactiv, Nike, Gap, Got Milk ads, T-Mobile

11 Testimonial – confessions for Proactive Solution
"I'm a normal person and I do get zits. I'm not happy when I do so I like to try and find anything that's preventative towards it, and Proactiv has done that for me." – Lindsay Lohan

12 Emotional Appeal Words or pictures that appeal to the your emotions.
They appeal to positive emotions like your desire for success. They can also appeal to negative emotions like fear. Example: Save the Children. Feed the Children.

13 Emotional words Luxury, Beautiful Paradise Economical

14 Ad with emotional appeal
Emotional appeal – make you look younger Expert opinion

15 Expert Opinions They use experts such as doctors, dentists, engineers, fitness trainers to say that they recommend this product. Example: 4 out of 5 doctors prescribe Bayer aspirin

16 Two items are compared to convince that one is better than the other.
Compare and Contrast Two items are compared to convince that one is better than the other.

17 Compare and Contrast Example
Medicine companies compare other brands to prove theirs is better. They may use testimonials, facts and figures, or compare and contrast to get their point across.

18 Recognizing BIAS Opinions
Bias occurs when someone has an opinion or preference to the object being judged. For example: A student’s parents would not be the best judge for the talent show their child is in. They may show bias for their child.

19 Logical Appeal Advertisers try to convince you to make the right decision, smart decision or best choice in purchasing their product Examples: It makes sense to buy this Smart moms choose JIF Save time and money with this Shop smart, buy here

20 Logical appeal – smarten up

21 Repetition Words or phrases in an advertisement are repeated several times for effect. Repetition gets your attention and stresses a slogan or product Repeating something helps you remember the product or ad

22 Repetition What is repeated in this ad?

23 Example “Head on, apply directly to the forehead. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead.”

24 Are you an ad detective? Play this ad detective game!
Look at the following pictures and find the advertisement

25 Let’s Test What You Know!
“Come to Florida, Everyone loves our clear, sandy beaches. Don’t miss out.” Bandwagon

26 More Examples… 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Sparkle toothpaste.
Expert opinion

27 Emotional Appeal Another…
Amazing much nutritious stuff they get with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, isn’t it? A good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Emotional Appeal

28 One more… Actress Kirstie Alley has lost 50 pounds on the Jenny Craig diet plan. Testimonial

29 Nike is paying Tiger Woods about $100 million to use Nike products for five years.

30 Bandwagon This technique tries to persuade everyone to join in and do the same thing. The text on the image showing a group of people with one person excluded is a clear example of the bandwagon technique.

31 An important person or famous figure endorses a product.
Testimonial An important person or famous figure endorses a product. Athletes are popular candidates for testimonial. Tiger Woods is on of the top testimonial figures in sports

32 Emotional Words Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer. This technique might be used more than any other. Are you less patriotic if you don’t buy American goods? Can a Lexus make you happier than a Honda? Playing to people’s emotions might get them to purchase products or services they might not otherwise buy.

33 Name-calling Negative words are used to create an unfavorable opinion of the competition in the viewer's mind. Who is Burger King taking a shot at here? Who is well known for having a secret sauce in their hamburgers? (McDonald’s)

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