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Finding an Internship Career Services, BA 156 Southwest Minnesota State University

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1 Finding an Internship Career Services, BA 156 Southwest Minnesota State University

2 What will be covered… Internship Basics ◦ What is an internship ◦ Why do an internship ◦ When should you do an internship Before you search ◦ Learn about your interests and skills ◦ Explore careers The Internship Search ◦ Researching Organizations ◦ The Application Process Resources

3 What is an Internship? Career exploration tool Apply your developing skills Valuable networking opportunity Internships can be structured programs or individually tailored and can vary in length from a few weeks to a semester or whole year

4 Why do an Internship? Build your resume Practical work experience related to your major or career Understanding of how organizations function Networking opportunities Clarify career goals

5 Additional Things to Consider Understand your goals and priorities: What do you want to gain? ◦ Credits from SMSU ◦ Compensation Geographical location ◦ Are you willing to relocate Housing Options ◦ Where will you live? At home? With family or friends? Find affordable apartment?

6 When to do an Internship? Summer is a popular time Fall or Spring semesters are options if you are able to schedule the time or if your department offers credit Remember—Nationally over 70% of students have at least one internship completed before graduation. 55% have two or more!

7 An Effective Internship Search Learn What career fields interest you? Research What organizations are in your field of interest? Apply Choose organizations & opportunities- Apply

8 What Career Fields Interest You? What do you like to do? (Interests) What are you good at? (Strengths/Skills) Now choose internships that overlap with your interests and your strengths.

9 Resources to Learn about Careers Visit the Career Services Library BA 156 Take a Career Assessment Research careers on: ◦ ◦ Occupational Outlook Handbook ◦ Attend a Career Fair Network

10 Locating Internships Attend Job Fairs ◦ MN Job & Internship Fair in February ◦ SMSU Job & Internship Fair in April ◦ MN Government Fair in October Visit internship posting sites ◦ Mustangjobs ◦ Intern Post Network! Design your own internship Contact Chamber of Commerce of the city where you would like to work

11 Research Organizations- Target Employers Check out the company website Request brochures, annual reports and other company literature Read trade journals and industry news sites: ◦ Wall Street Journal (News Business and Finance) ◦ (News for Marketing and Media) ◦ (News, Jobs for Non Profit) Talk to other interns who have worked there previously

12 Application Process Each employer has its own application Process. Find out: What is the deadline? What will the employer need from you? ◦ Resume, cover letter, transcripts, etc. ◦ Do you need to apply online? Follow Up—Remember to call or email the employer after 2 weeks to check on your application Be aware of early deadlines—especially for accounting, finance or government

13 Internship Timeline Three Semesters Before you Start: Network Decide where to do an internship Research internship opportunities Obtain information about the company, internship programs, contact people and hiring deadlines

14 Internship Timeline Two Semesters before you intern: Send out your resume and cover letter Practice your interviewing skills Check out resources on Career Services home page at: Online practice interview system Resume, Cover Letter, Interviewing Videos

15 Internship Timeline One Semester before you intern: Complete an application Interview with employers Send thank you letters Decide on an internship that is best for you Accept an internship offer

16 Resources Schedule an appointment BA 156 or call 507-537-6221 Watch online workshops and career videos: click on “Online Workshops” right hand side tab Practice interviewing on Interview Stream Research internships on

17 Additional Internship Resources Internship Search Engines ◦ Internships in non profit organizations Opportunities in Public Affairs ◦ Internships in PR, government & public policy Intern Post ◦ Internships post from MN employers MonsterTrak

18 Internship Search Checklist Learn Identify career fields of interest through self reflection, research and talking with others Research Locate organizations and employers offering internships within your field of interest Apply Prepare your resume and cover letters. Polish your interview skills and complete applications Follow Up Contact employers in a polite and timely manner to check on the status of your application

19 Need Help Contact Us! Career Services, BA 156 Southwest Minnesota State University 507-537-6221

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