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2 CHOOSING A MAJOR When you begin thinking about going to college, what is the first thing everyone asks you? They ask you what major you are going to pursue, don’t they?


4  Trying to decide on a major or degree program can create a lot of anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the resources you can use to make an informed decision.  To choose a major that will “fit” you, focus on 3 areas:  LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF  RELATING MAJORS TO CAREERS  LEARNING ABOUT EDUCATION

5 Part of knowing where you are going, is knowing who you are and where you have been. Explore the “real” you. Learn about your interests, values and abilities! There are no shortcuts to choosing a major that best fits you.

6 What Resources Are Available People - High School Guidance Counselors or LLC Counselors Counselors can help you explore resources that will identify how you “fit” with different careers. Counselors can also help you identify your academic strengths. - Explore your parent’s, family, and friends perceptions of you! Often, people we know have a good idea of what are interests and abilities are. We can also ask others about how they chose their major and/or career and whether or not they like what they do. BUT BE CAREFUL WITH PEOPLE SOURCES. You are the only one who truly knows YOU and what YOU want. Choosing a major because someone else thinks it is right for you, usually spells disaster!

7 Online Resources Interest/Abilities/Values Inventories are self- administered surveys to provide you with a picture of who you are. They will help you understand what you like, what you are good at, and what is important to you in life. Check out internet resources with the LLC Counseling Services Internet Resources Guide for College and Career Planning. Counseling Services Internet Resources Guide for College and Career Planning.

8 Printed Resources There are many printed resources you can check out in your local library, LLC Learning Resource Center or high school guidance office. -College Majors and Careers: A Resource Guide for Effective Planning Examines 60 majors and related those majors to 350 careers. College Board Guide to 150 Popular Majors First hand accounts from students about how they chose their majors.

9 Lake Land College Resources Career Services The Discover Program is available to help individuals learn about themselves as well as offering ways to develop lists of occupations for exploration. Contact Career Planning and Placement for more information about the Discover program. Also on file are alumni resumes and profiles and current job postings. Counseling Services Counselors are available to assist you with any questions about majors or careers. Contact us by phone, email, or in-person.

10 Employers do not hire majors, they hire people. Explore what skills and abilities you will need for the career you are interested in, then look at the major that will provide you with those skills.

11 What Resources Are Available? People Resources All of the people we spoke about when you were learning about yourself can also help you explore careers. Counselors can assist you in relating which majors fit which careers. They can also help you find resources to examine what careers are “hot” and which have large growth potential. Family members and friends can give you the inside “scoop” on their careers and what they like and don’t like about their occupations. Ask if you can job shadow them in their career for a day.

12 Online Resources The Lake Land College Career Services office is a good internet source to check out when exploring careers.Career Services Also refer back to the Lake Land College Counseling Services Internet Resources for College and Career Planning Counseling Services Internet Resources for College and Career Planning

13 Printed Resources Check out the following printed resources to begin your research on careers. Printed Resources Occupational Outlook Handbook The Bureau of Labor Statistics official handbook. It allows you to research particular occupational fields and gives information on the nature of work, working conditions, employment, training, job outlook, earnings, related occupations and sources of additional information.

14 Lake Land College Resources Career Services The Discover Program also allows you to research specific careers. It provides information about salaries, training, characteristics of a career, etc. Very similar to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Counseling Services You can request information about majors or careers!

15 Now you have a good idea of who you are and have identified some majors you are interested in. The next step will be to begin identifying a college or university that will meet your needs.

16 What Resources Are Available? People Resources Once again, family and friends are a good source of information. Where did your parents attend college? Do you have a sibling or friends that attended a college before you? How much did it cost them to attend? What is the campus like? All of these are good questions to ask of anyone who has had a college or university experience. Counselors are another good source of information. Counselors can give you information about Financial Aid, campus descriptions, activities available, library services, faculty and much more! Visit as many campuses as you can, and call ahead for an appointment with the counseling services department. Talk to your high school guidance counselor for any information they have on local institutions.

17 Online Resources There are many online resources to find out about colleges and universities, like: US News Illinois Board of Higher Education Also check out each institutions own web site. Start with the Lake Land College home page!Lake Land College

18 Printed Resources Printed Materials –Lovejoy’s College Guide provides you with information on over 4000 school listings. Plus where to find 650 majors and special programs! –College Catalogs from each institution give you valuable insight to that college or university. Many catalogs are available on the internet, or request one from the admissions and records office of the institution you are interested in!

19 Lake Land College Resources Lake Land College counselors can provide you with many resources to guide you in your educational planning. Information is available about many colleges and universities. Also check out the… State Universities in Illinois at a Glance Guide located in Lake Land College Counseling Services. Contact us by phone at (217)234-5251, through the Lake Land College web site, or in person. Lake Land College web site


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