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An "internship" is an opportunity offered by an employer to students/"interns", to work at a firm for a fixed period of time.

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3 An "internship" is an opportunity offered by an employer to students/"interns", to work at a firm for a fixed period of time.

4 1. Apply Classroom Knowledge: seen as the peak of undergraduate education; opportunity to use the skills learned in the classroom. 2. Gain Valuable Work Experience : provides hands on work experience not obtained in the classroom. 3. Decide if this is the Right Career for You: Validate genuine interest without committing – test career satisfaction. 4. Gain Confidence: a great way to build confidence and increase chances of securing a job.

5 5. Transition into a Job: Employers see interns as prospective employees (a long interview). Number one way to identify new staff. 6. Have an Edge in the Job Market: Employers are interested in your work experience in addition to your academic qualifications. Internship(s) are a vital part of your resume. 7. Networking Opportunities: a great way to meet people who might help you land a job / give you contacts.

6  Business major students;  Be juniors;  Have concluded (by end of Fall semester) at least: 38 credit hours (if admitted as sophomores)or 68 credit hours (if admitted as freshmen)  Have completed (by end of Spring semester): FINA 210, MNGT 215, MKTG 210, INFO 200;

7  Duration: two months/8 weeks - summer Semester (between May 27 th and August 15 th )  Work week: not less than 5 working days  Working Hours: as per the host company  Supervision: AUB: OSB Faculty Mentor Company: Work Supervisor  Grading: based on evaluations of direct work supervisor and OSB mentor The internship grade is included in the computation of the overall average

8  March 15 th : Deadline for online registration at OSB website  April 15 th : Deadline for securing an internship from host company

9 Personal Effort


11  Prepare your CV  Spread the word: Networking is the #1 way to find opportunities.  Talk to senior students or alumni  Talk directly to employers: Job Fairs, browse the internet & apply online

12 Mandatory:  CV  Verification Letter from OSB Student Services Optional (individual Co. requirements):  Transcript  Cover Letter



15 To register online : (Student Services Office will send Imail to all) 1. Log to OSB website: 2. Student Services, Career Development Center 3. Select OSB Students, Intern 4. Choose a username and a password and register Important Reminders:  March 15 th, 2013 – Deadline  Completing the online application is mandatory, if you do not register you will not be able to officially register for your internship


17 Students who should solicit their own internships, should: 1. Register online (step 1) - following the normal process (deadline March 15 th ) 2. Provide the school with an Official Acceptance Letter (company letter head) from the company that accepted them for an Internship.

18 2. The department joined, and the name and title of the direct work supervisor. 3. The e-mail, phone, fax, and address of the company and the direct supervisor. 1. The beginning and the end dates of the internship period (Any 8 weeks, between May 27 th & August 15 th 2013).


20 All internships are considered approved unless notified otherwise By April 15 th all registered students should have an assigned internship


22  At the beginning of May, students will be assigned an academic Mentor (not necessarily Advisor).  Students should check their OSB account to contact the mentor for further instructions before the start of the internship


24 Internship Process Online Registration Meet Faculty Mentor Payment for The Statement of Fees Start of the Internship Secure an Internship


26 Q.1: Can I do my internship in two different companies? A.1: Yes, Min. one month/company & one acceptance letter/company (no interruption) Q.2: If a company requests an official verification letter from AUB, what should I do? A.2: Bring the business card of your contact(s), and we will prepare the letter. No letters addressed “to whom it may concern”.


28 Q.3: What if I do not have an internship by April 15 th, 2013? A.3: You might have to postpone your internship until the summer of 2014

29 Q.4: What if the company does not confirm acceptance by April 15 th ? A.4: Stress the deadline to the host company (University requirements - April 15 th ). Communicate

30 Q.5: Can I work for a family business? A.5: The answer is “Preferably No”!! However, we look at case by case basis. Q.6:What papers should I provide the student services office if I intend to do my internship abroad? A.6: An official acceptance letter, same process as if you are doing it locally!!

31 Q.7: How many courses I am allowed to take with the internship? A.7: one 3-credit course, in addition to zero credit workshops after working hours Q.8: What if I did not complete all the required courses by the end of Fall semester? A.8: Inform the Student Services Office

32 Q.9: What kind of conduct am I expected to maintain during the internship? A.9: 1. Punctual 2. Professional: behavior and appearance 3. Motivated and willing to learn (take initiative) 4. Accurate & reliable in performing duties 5. Communicate clearly 6. Microsoft Office conversant with good research skills (internet abilities)

33 Q.10: When and what should I report to my mentor/ student services office? A.10: When: Maintain communication from day one What: If asked to work less than 5 working days If asked to do personal favors (coffee, etc..) If work is limited to photocopy and filing In case of harassment (bullying, psychological, racial, religious, sexual “verbal”, etc.)

34 For any kind of help, you may refer to: Mohammad Nazzal Student Services Office Office: OSB, Ground Floor, Room 113B Email:, Ext.


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