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1 Internship Search & Issues Career Services & Student Employment.

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1 1 Internship Search & Issues Career Services & Student Employment

2 2 Topics Covered Internships Defined Benefits Define Internship Goals Internship Search Strategies Fulfilling Internship International Student Issues

3 3 Internships Defined What is an Internship? An internship is a major-related work experience that usually lasts one semester, may be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, and may or may not be for credit. A summer job, volunteer, or community service position that is related to your major could also be considered an internship. The key in any internship is gaining experience that is related to your major. Define the terms as used in this subject. What is Cooperative Education? Co-ops are typically multi-term, paid work experiences where a student works at least two semesters for the same employer and receives academic credit for that experience.

4 4 Benefits Career Exploration Building your Resume Knowledge of Field and Industry Skills Networking with Professionals Increase chances of Permanent Employment Preparation

5 5 Internship Goals Define your current situation: Class Standing (Freshman, Junior) Current GPA Location: Local, National, International What field/industry interests you? What skills do you want to acquire? **Create a List of Criteria** Understand your limitations & Obstacles Decide

6 6 Internship Search Strategies Set aside time to conduct research of field/industry, organizations, and internship posting resources Two Approaches: Search Job Postings Proactively Contacting Employers Research

7 7 Application Strategies Prepare all materials before applying Resume, Professional References, Transcripts, Professional dress Following Instructions completely & thoroughly Attend Job Fairs Meet with Academic Advisor Search

8 8 Resources College Central Network (CCN) Career Resource Center ( Student Resources Internships & Co-op Online Internship Resources Employer Lists Connect

9 9 A Fulfilling Internship Meet often with your supervisor to set goals, explore career paths, and create connections Complete duties with professionalism & enthusiasm -This is in both preparation for your long term career as well as creating a lasting and positive impression Take every opportunity (training, meetings, working with other departments, etc) Absorb as much as possible from this experience Obtain and note tangible results and accomplishments NETWORK! Learn

10 After the Internship Create a lasting impression -Thank individually all of the professional colleagues and supervisors summarizing your experience with them and obtaining their contact information Document Experiences -Keep your contacts on file (LinkedIn) and record your experiences, accomplishments, and knowledge gained from the internship Follow up -Periodically, contact your supervisors and colleagues for updates on the company, programs, and where you are in your career. 10 Follow Up

11 11 International Student Internships F-1 Status for 1 academic year (approx. 9 months) OPT & CPT The primary distinction between the two is that OPT enhances or enriches an academic or curricular experience, while CPT employment is required to meet an academic or curricular degree requirement. ** Make sure to visit with your International Student Advisor in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services** Phone: (321) 674-8053 Experience

12 12 Summary Identify the type of internship you are searching Work on your resume Register with College Central Conduct research on organizations Brush up interviewing skills Be Professional & Enthusiastic Follow up

13 13 Career Services & Student Employment Part-time and full-time job postings – College Central Network Resume & cover letter critiques – Optimal Resume Internships & Co-op Federal Work-study Florida Work Experience Program Workshops Career Fair & Employer Day Mock interviews

14 14 Questions?

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