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Nothing Succeeds like Experience! Co-op/Internship Workshop.

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1 Nothing Succeeds like Experience! Co-op/Internship Workshop

2 A unique educational program in which students integrate classroom study with semesters of paid, supervised work experience related to their academic major A structured experiential learning opportunity in which students can apply concepts studied in the classroom to “real world” work situations Co-op is offered on a semester basis; fall, spring, and in summer Term 1 What is Cooperative Education

3 Why Participate in Co-op? To explore career interests and work environments To receive training and utilize technologies in the workplace To clarify career objectives and execute a realistic job search strategy To network and secure job opportunities upon graduation To gain marketable experience

4 How does Co-op Work? Co-op is a voluntary program that requires commitment from the student and employer. It is a partnership among the student, employer and the co-op office. Students may opt to participate in the alternating or parallel programs.

5 How does Co-op Work? (Cont’d) Full time (Alternating Co-op) Students alternate semesters of academic study with semesters of full-time, paid co-op assignments. Students work full time for a semester and return to school the following semester to continue their studies. Part time (Parallel Co-op) Students work on a part-time basis while they are enrolled in full-time classes

6 The Application Process Students must first attend a co-op workshop. At the workshop you will learn about the requirements to participate in co-op, how to submit an application, and how to upload a resume to OWL CareerLinkOWL CareerLink Call the Career Development Center on your campus for the schedule of times and locations or visit our website at:

7 Who is Eligible for Co-op? Full-time FAU enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking program FAU cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.3 under- -graduate or 3.0 graduate Transfer students must complete one semester at FAU before applying International students (F1 status) must have been enrolled in an American university for twelve (12) months and completed one semester in current program

8 Who is Eligible for Co-op? (Cont’d) International students must obtain approval from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and meet all United States Custom and information Services and or ISSS requirements (i.e. must have a current 1-20) Students must apply a semester prior to their participation (i.e., apply in spring for co-op in summer)

9 How Are Students Selected? Associate Director determines eligibility Employers can contact students through OWL CareerLink or a student can find a co-op employer A student who accepts a co-op employment offer must complete the required enrollment in their departmental co-op course if seeking elective credit or are an international student In order to receive elective credit the academic department must give written approval; otherwise, co-op credit is an additive credit

10 How Are Students Selected? (Cont’d) Employers who post job positions in OWL CareerLink are eligible to search for students in the database. Employers will contact those students they are interested in Students can find their own co-op employers, but such offers must be approved by the Associate Director of the CDC before being accepted

11 How Are Students Selected? (Cont’d) For international students all I-20 forms must be updated prior to beginning co-op employment Acceptance and placement into a co-op assignment is NOT guaranteed Students can find their own co-op employers, but such offers need to be approved by the Associate Director of the CDC before being accepted

12 How Are Students Graded? The requirement for successful completion of a co-op assignment is to complete a mid-term evaluation, a final evaluation, and at the end of the assignment to attend a co-op debriefing session The co-op assignment is recorded on the student’s transcript and is graded either satisfactory or unsatisfactory

13 INTERNSHIPS Internships are career-related experiences that enhance students’ marketability upon graduation Can be paid or unpaid Can be structured or unstructured Length of internship must be at least 10 weeks May be eligible for credit ( pending departmental approval) View our website link,, go students Click on undergraduate and then Internships, check the job listings in OWLOWL CareerLink CareerLink or call the Career Development Center at 561-297-3520

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