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Strategies for a Successful Job or Internship Search.

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1 Strategies for a Successful Job or Internship Search

2 Elements of a Career Plan Know Yourself-- understand skills, interests, values, and abilities Know Industry/Field of Interest-- explore fields, industries, organizations Develop Outreach Campaign-- create a plan; obtain skills, knowledge, and education; market yourself; and manage your time

3 Career Planning Steps 1. Assess Yourself InterestsValuesSkillsAccomplishments Personal preferences and needs = Ideal Work = Ideal Work YOURSELFJOB MARKET

4 Career Planning Steps 2. Assess the Job Market ● Research careers and occupations matching your personal profile profile ● Understand the job market - Occupations - Occupations - Industries - Industries - Employment outlook - Employment outlook - Local economy and employers - Local economy and employers ● Networking = External Opportunities = External Opportunities YOURSELFJOB MARKET

5 Research Field/Industry/Organization How to target companies/organizations that fit your goals: Tools for researching careers and occupations: Occupational Outlook Handbook; books on various careers or fields Internet sites – e.g., O’Net, America’s Job Bank, Economic and labor market information publications

6 Research Field/Industry/Organization Tools for researching employers: Business magazines/newspapers Career sites (e.g. Vault, Hoovers, Idealist) Professional trade journals Annual reports Organization web sites/linked sites Hiatt and Heller career web pages

7 Research Field/Industry/Organization Research the following before contacting an organization: Mission and goals Services/programs/productsCompetitors Business volume, profitability, stability and history Salary ranges and rates for various positions Recent employment activity (# employees, layoffs, turnover, hiring trends) Titles of positions for which you qualify

8 Research Field/Industry/Organization Networking and Informational Interviewing: Process of contacting people who may be able to help you learn more about careers, organizations, or find an opportunity: Start with who you know: e.g, faculty, friends, family, peers, past employers, alums Join a professional networking group When meeting personally or on phone: Be prepared; do some research beforehand Know what you want to learn; have questions ready ASK for additional contacts Maintain your network

9 Career Planning Steps 3. Targeted Outreach Campaign Ideal Work + External Opportunities = Ideal Job or Internship Ideal Job or Internship Create a Plan to Achieve It! Create a Plan to Achieve It! - Organize yourself - Organize yourself - Manage your time - Manage your time - Market yourself - Market yourself - Motivate yourself - Motivate yourself

10 Organize Your Job Search Create a job search space -Files -Files -Computer/printer -Computer/printer -Stationery -Stationery Minimize distractions Employ time management strategies

11 Job Search Productivity Effective time management is essential to your job search. Techniques to keep on track: Set goals and objectives Partner with fellow students Utilize a file system/personal organizer Spend more time on activities that yield more results (e.g., networking) Dedicate a specific time to your search and stick with it; develop a daily or weekly search plan

12 Market Yourself Effective resumes and cover letters that convey your accomplishments (use qualifications summary and accomplishment statements) NetworkingBroadcasting Responding to advertised positions It is estimated that 75% of available jobs are never advertised!

13 Stay Motivated Maintain a positive self-image--try not to take it personally or dwell on negative past experiences. Stay organized. Exercise daily. Keeps you healthy and helps you maintain a positive mental outlook. Motivates you to keep an active search going. Be aware of how you are handling your emotions.

14 Summary Know your skills Have a clear objective Know where and how to look for leads Spend at least some time every week on your search Utilize networking and informational interviewing Follow up on all contacts

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