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World War I Unit 4 RMS IB 2013-2014 Ms. Hunt.

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1 World War I Unit 4 RMS IB Ms. Hunt

2 Stop and Jot! *Look at the cartoon… Free write about what you think the cartoon means. - Do NOT stop writing until the music stops!!!

3 MAIN Causes- Militarism
To encourage national pride, governments began to build large and strong militaries. Their armies now contain the newest weapons and technology of the time, which increased their power!

4 MAIN Causes- Alliances
In order to encourage nation stability, European nations entered into alliances with other strong nations. These alliances “dragged” nations into war! Triple Alliance Germany Austria-Hungry Italy Triple Entente France Great Britain Russia *Horrible Histories Video


6 MAIN Causes- Imperialism
Imperialism- 1600’s- 1800’s European nations had controlled over 85% of the Earth’s land for colonies Controlling the most territory became a competition between rival nations causing tension.

7 MAIN Causes- Nationalism
Citizens of European nations became very proud of their nations accomplishments. Provided the people with a sense of power! Representing one’s homeland gave people a sense of nation pride that they wanted to maintain by becoming more and more powerful

8 What does the cartoon tell us about Nationalism?

9 Immediate Causes of Global War
Creation of a new nation- Serbia Bosnia (neighbor to Serbia) was taken over and added to Austria Hungary's Empire Upset the people of Serbia Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 28th, 1914 Killed by member of the Blank Hand (Serbian Nationalist Group) Supported all Serbian causes Ferdinand was the heir to the Austria Hungary throne Mobilizations Nations that felt threatened by the actions of rivals organized the armies Became ready for battle! Alliances Once 1 member of the alliance went to war, the other members joined in support!


11 War Begins! 1914- War begins when the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente enter into warfare Alliances changed their names to… Allied Powers (previously Triple Entente) Central Powers (previously Triple Alliance) The United States stayed neutral Neutral means to not take part of or give assistance in a dispute or war between others Source:

12 U.S. Enters WWI Causes that brought the U.S. into war:
Sinking of the Lusitania, 1915 Passenger cruise ship that entered a war zone German U-Boat attacked the ship causing it to sink Over 1,000 people died, including 128 Americans Zimmerman Telegram, January 1917 Arthur Zimmerman, German government official, sent a telegram to the German Ambassador to Mexico. Offered Mexico U.S. territory if they were to join WWI as an ally to Germany. American Citizens Outraged by the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Telegram, American citizens called for war!!!!! *The United States entered World War I on April 6th, 1917


14 A New Kind of War Trench Warfare
Opposing sides dug deep trenches opposite of each other Soldiers would fight from within the trenches and try to cross “No Man’s Land” to gain territory “No Man’s Land”- territory between trenches Barbed wire and weapons blocked your way to the other side Think- “No man” made it across Technology Airplane Tanks Machine Guns Mustard Gas Submarines


16 End of the Great War Armistice- stopped fighting
Central Powers surrendered in November 1918 Treaty of Paris- January 1919 Leaders involved- George Clemenceau (France), Vittoria Orlando (Italy), David Lloyd George (England), and Woodrow Wilson (USA) Punishments to Germany No military! Pay reparations (pay back the Allied Powers for the money they had spent on the war)



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