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World War I Cheat Sheet.

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1 World War I Cheat Sheet

2 Causes of the WWI Nationalism Militarism Secret Treaties Imperialism

3 Who Fought Who? Central Powers ALLIES Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia
Germany Russia Bulgaria France Ottoman Empire Great Britain Italy United States

4 What was the SPARK that set off WWI?
The assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand

5 What was The LUSITANIA? Large passenger ship like the Titanic sunk by a German submarine. Killed more than 1000 people 123 Americans

6 What was Trench warfare?
Neither side could win so they built trenches all the way across Europe. WESTERN Front - between Germany and France EASTERN Front - between Russia and Germany

7 New Weapons Tank Submarine Poison gas Airplane Machine gun

8 Why did Russia Quit WWI? Communist took over the country and took Russia out of WWI.

9 Why did the United States enter WWI?
Germany used submarines to sink U.S. Ships on their way to Great Britain. Zimmerman Note- Germany tries to get Mexico to fight the USA (will return all the former territory like California to Mexico)

10 Who won the war? The ALLIES won the war.
Germany lost and everyone blamed Germany for starting the war.

11 What treaty ended the war?
The armistice stopped the fighting 0n the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month. The Treaty of Versailles officially ended the war.

12 Wilson’s Fourteen Points
No Secret Treaties Freedom of the Seas Self-determination League of Nations (like the United Nations)

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