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Welcome to Ms. Wilcox’s First Grade Class Welcome to an exciting year!

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1 Welcome to Ms. Wilcox’s First Grade Class Welcome to an exciting year!

2  It is very important that your child attend class on a regular basis!  Please come to on time! School starts promptly at 8:25 and dismissed at 1:45 on Mondays and 2:45 Tuesday – Friday.  If your child is absent, please email me and let the office know. If it is a prolonged absence I will pull materials that your child will miss to do while they are home. Attendance

3  I will be dismissing from the picnic tables this year. I will always want to see whom your child is going home with. If they are going to the flag pole, I will send them after the bell rings or take them up and wait for you to pick them up.  If they are day care children, they go right to day care when the bell rings.  If they are bus riders, they go to the bus loop when the bell rings  If you are late, (after 3 pm) your child will be in the office waiting for you. Picking up Arrangements

4  1. Eyes and ears are focused on the teacher.  2. Follow directions the first time.  3. Raise your hand to speak.  4. Line up quietly and remember to walk.  5. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.  6. Take care of yourself! Classroom rules

5  Positive Rewards (filling my bucket)  1. Verbal praise (maybe an M&M, Hershey kiss, or gold fish)  2. Name on the board  3. Whole class rewards  4. Extra recess time  Negative Consequences (empting my bucket)  1. Verbal warning  2. Move your clip on the behavior chart  3. Time out in another room and loss of recess  4. Note home or a call from the teacher  5. Send directly to the principals office and phone call home Classroom rules (Cont.)

6  PLEASE be sure your child has a nutritious snack and lunch. I will not be providing snacks for your children so be sure they have a little something to eat. It is hard to learn when your tummy is rumbling!  Each month I will be sending home calendars from the district to inform you of what is for lunch each day. You can purchase meals in the lunch room or you can go on line the purchase lunches. That will prevent any lost money in class or on the playground.  Snack time is 10:10-10:30, Lunch time is 11:20-12:00 Snack and Lunch

7  You will find on your child’s desk a paper with those volunteer jobs that we will have in the classroom.  1. Rocket math parent  2. Ice cream Words parent  3. math parent  4. Pencil Sharpener parent  5. Meet the Masters parent  6. Room parent  7. PTA parent  Please circle the one job you would like. If you can’t volunteer, let me know a day when you might be able to stop by and read a book to the class, share in an art activity or help at a class party.  In order to volunteer, you must fill out paperwork and be cleared by the district. Volunteering

8  Birthday’s will be celebrated one day a month for all of the children whose birthdays are that month. It will be the last Wednesday of the month. Only store bought goodies can come to school for this event. No gift or goodies bags will be allowed. Please have your own birthday parties at home!  I am sending home a birthday book this year for the child to write one page about their great day!  The birthday child will also get to wear a crown for the day! Birthdays

9  Our reading program is Open Court.  Each day your child will be introduced to a new phonics sound and will be given a paper book to be taken home to be reread with a parent or older brother or sister.  We will also have reading groups where the children might be reading different paper books or chapter books if able to do so. Your child will also be bringing home a folder with reading material in it that is to be returned the following day! A note will be on that folder to explain the process.  Ice Cream Words (100) tested 3 times over the year. Reading Program

10  Every year my class has Rocket Math Facts. This is a timed math test that is every Friday. Your child will take the first level test that they will pass and I will then send home flash cards for the next level which they will be tested on the following Friday.  There are 18 levels.  This is an individualized math facts program. In order for your child to move to the next level they MUST pass the current level they are working on!!!! Rocket Math Facts

11  This year I bought everyone pencil baskets, box of twistable were donated, erasers, pencils and a glue stick. If you would like to send in extra supplies for our class, please look at my web site for classroom supplies. School Supplies

12  Paper books will be sent home daily that will need to be read at night to help reinforce the skill we tackled that day in class.  Math papers will go home each night. Do both sides of them and return the next day! These papers will also help to reinforce the skills we tackled in class that week.  Ice cream words can be reviewed daily as well. The sooner your child knows this word, the better they will be reading and writing in class.  Spelling will not start until September and at that time you will get a note explaining how that will work.  Rocket Math Facts tested every Friday. Each child gets 2 mins for this test. Homework

13  This year we will be using folders to send home homework, school notes, and communications from me!  Everything the student and the parent need will be in their folders. This is a great form of responsibility for your child! Homework Folders

14  Performances at flag salute  Field day  Author’s Chair  Fill Your Bucket book bag  Birthday book bag  Ice cream party at the end of the year  Fill the Bucket book bag  Class buddies Exciting things to look forward to ……..

15  I have been teaching in the district 15 years. Before that I taught in Moreno Valley for 3 years.  I am a single parent of two boys who both attended MVUSD schools. One of my sons (Andrew) attends Chapman University in Orange. My other son (Steven) graduated Chapman University and works in Orange County.  I have my masters in School Administration.  I enjoy reading, being outdoors, hanging out at the beach, hiking, and collecting heart rocks!  I can be reached by email at any time of day.  Please do not hesitate to talk to me about concerns you have about your child! Ms. Wilcox

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