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Back to School Night 2013 - 2014 Mrs. Silva Room G - 103.

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1 Back to School Night 2013 - 2014 Mrs. Silva Room G - 103

2 Who is Mrs. Silva???

3 Daily Schedule/Attendance Mondays- 8:20-1:35 Tuesday – Friday- 8:20 – 2:35 The first bell rings at 8:18 and school begins promptly at 8:20. Go directly to our line when the first bell rings. If you arrive after 8:20, please go to the office for a late slip. If you are going to be absent, please call or send the office an e-mail. You can also e-mail me and I will forward the message. Please wait 24 hours AFTER A FEVER BREAKS before sending your child back to school

4 Lunches/Snacks/Clothing Please provide a separate healthy snack in addition to your childs lunch. No soda or candy please! You may send money with your child for lunches or pre-pay for school lunches in the MPR or at Label EVERYTHING!!! Labeled water bottles are permitted in the classroom.

5 Classroom Rules/Positive Reinforcement Classroom Rules 1. Listen when someone is talking 2. Follow directions quickly 3. Keep your hands & feet to yourself 4. Raise your hand to speak 5. Be safe, Be kind, Be honest Positive Reinforcement 1. Praise, Praise, Praise! 2.Gold Tags!! 3.Positive notes/calls 4.Fun Friday 5.Marble Jar/Marble Party

6 Classroom Management In my classroom I use Gold Tags as a management tool. Here is the way the system works: Students will earn Gold Tags for following the rules, positive behavior, staying on task & focused and being a good friend. Once a student has earned 10 Gold Tags they may turn them in for a coupon! When a student is not following directions they will get a verbal warning, if the behavior continues, they sign the Oops Binder & miss 5 minutes of recess. If the behavior is consistent I will notify you.

7 Gold Tags

8 Homework Folders Each student will receive a DAILY HOMEWORK FOLDER. (These have been ordered ) This folder will be used to carry communication notes and as well as nightly Math homework. A Newsletter will be emailed every Friday and a Reading/Spelling Calendar will be sent home monthly. On the back of the monthly Reading Calendar will be a monthly Spelling Menu. Please check the folder every night! All Writing Homework will be posted under First Grade on the schools website. Homework will consist of: Nightly math (8/19) Reading 15 minutes and coloring in Reading Calendar (8/19) Spelling (8/26) Writing (9/9) Rainbow Words & Read Naturally as needed Special Projects (Mini-Me Homework) CREATE A HOMEWORK BOX!

9 Report Cards/Standards This year the MVUSD has switched from trimesters to semesters. 1 st grade students are given District Assessments 4 times a year. Language arts assessments are one-on-one tests that measure how well your child is performing towards meeting the standards. Math assessments are both oral and written assessments that are given whole group as well as one- on-one. The first set of assessments will be shared with you in November during Parent/Teacher Conferences. State Standards/Common Core: California is making a shift from state standards to Common Core. MVUSD is moving slowly towards CCSS starting with math with full implementation in the year 2016.

10 Parent Volunteers I LOVE parent volunteers!! I need volunteers for centers, copying, prep work, & Read Naturally Volunteers are also needed for special events, parties, field trips, etc. I COULDNT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

11 Volunteer Times Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur: 8:45-9:50 Centers Any day in the afternoon: Read Naturally Cold Read & Hot Read Help on any day at any time is always appreciated!

12 The Other Stuff!! Star of the Week: Each student will be Star Student for one week info will come home the week prior. Awards & Assemblies: Each student will receive either an award at a Soaring Spirit Assembly or Lunch with the Principal this year. Soaring Spirit Assemblies are most Fridays. Wear your spirit shirts! Wish Upon a Star: There are times when we will need things for events/projects. I will write what is needed on a Star & stick on the whiteboard on the door. All donations are greatly appreciated! Birthdays: I love to celebrate birthdays in my class. Small store bought treats may be brought to school. PLEASE notify me in advance!! PE: We will do PE every Friday starting in a few weeks. Wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle.

13 The Arts at LJM Your child will be taught specific lessons in Art, Music, Drama, and Dance throughout the year Your child will be a part of our two showcases throughout the year (Winter & Spring) The Arts will also be integrated throughout our instructional day!

14 Communication Communication is the key to a successful year. A great parent/teacher partnership leads to a successful child. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns about anything. I will return your e-mail ASAP.

15 The HEART of Mails H armony E mpathy A chievement R eflection T ransformation

16 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You I am looking forward to an amazing 1 nd grade year. Thank you for sharing your child with me this year. We are going to learn so much and have a blast along the way! Jessica Silva

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