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Mrs. Osburn’s 2 nd grade class 2012-2012. Arrival and Dismissal Your child may arrive at school beginning at 7:20. The tardy bell rings at 7:50. It is.

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1 Mrs. Osburn’s 2 nd grade class 2012-2012

2 Arrival and Dismissal Your child may arrive at school beginning at 7:20. The tardy bell rings at 7:50. It is vital that your child arrives before the 7:50 bell. In the afternoon, dismissal begins at 2:15.

3 Transportation One of our top priorities is getting your child home safely. In order to do that, we need your help. If there is ANY change in how your child will be going home, a note must be sent. Please include the following on all transportation notes: ▫Your child’s name ▫Teacher’s name ▫Date Place the note in your child’s communication folder. If a last minute change must be made during the day, please call or fax the note (with the same information) to the front office at 770-578-7214 no later than 1:45.

4 Specials Specials time is from 9:50-10:35. We are on a 5 day rotation, and the students must wear tennis shoes on PE days. Please see the back of communication folder for the specials calendar.

5 Lunch We have lunch from 12:23 to 12:53. Please feel free to join us by meeting us in the front hall by the cafeteria. Food from outside restaurants may not be brought in to the cafeteria. Please make sure to label all lunch money with your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name. Envelopes are available. ▫Breakfast$1.25 ▫Lunch$2.15 ($3.25 or guests, even siblings) ▫Extra Milk60¢ Juice - 40¢ ▫Ice Cream75¢

6 Birthdays If your child would like to share a birthday treat with the class, individual treats are preferred to share at snack or lunch time in the cafeteria. Please send a note or email me when you would like to celebrate this special time!

7 Contacting Me If you ever have a questions or concerns, please contact me. You can drop a note in your child’s folder, email me (, or call me (770-578-7214) at If you call during the regular school day, you will be sent to a voice mail. Due to our schedule, we may not receive your message until after the students have left. If I have not returned your call by the next day, please drop a note in your child’s communication folder. Email is usually the fastest way to reach me. Please note that transportation changes can not be left on voice mail or email.

8 Money Please make sure any money you send in is marked properly and in the correct envelope. ASP money must be in a brown ASP envelope that has been completely filled in. PTA money can be in a plain envelope, but needs to be marked “PTA” and must show your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name. All money for field trips, performing arts, etc. that comes home with the white Eastvalley envelope must be returned in that envelope. ▫It must be completely filled in with your child’s name, classroom teacher’s name and grade and the necessary information at the bottom. Please DO NOT place any permission slips or order forms in the envelope; attach any forms to the outside of the sealed envelope.

9 Snack Please send in a healthy snack for your child each day. We do not eat lunch until 12:20 and the children get very hungry. Snack time will be after math which ends at 9:30.

10 Homework Homework assignments will begin next week! Please help your child take responsibility for completing and returning homework. Homework is an extension of study at school and allows your child extra practice. Completed homework is due on Fridays.

11 Newsletters The 2 nd grade newsletter will come home every Monday with attached homework and will also be found on the classroom blog. The newsletter will contain important information about class activities, what we are learning, how to help at home, and special school events. Please read and share them with your child. Homework will also be included in the newsletter.

12 Medication If your child needs to take medication at school or keep an inhaler for emergencies, please send in a detailed note. A medication form from the clinic must be completed before any medicine can be administered.

13 Label Belongings Please label all personal items (jacket, book bag, lunch box, etc.). Your child’s name should be clearly visible. Many children have the same exact bag or coat. If an item gets misplaced, let me know and I can remind your child to check the lost and found.

14 Discipline Behavior management is vital to creating a classroom where learning is the focus. I want to develop a climate of respect and responsibility. I will continue to use a system that enables me to provide positive reinforcement and encourage appropriate behavior by celebrating those students making the right choices. All 2 nd grade students are working on being PRO students! Prepared Respectful On Task

15 Behavior Chart This is an example of my behavior chart. Super Student -1 Excellent Effort - 2 Ready to Learn - 3 Make Better Choices - 4 Parent Contact - 5 Each day students will all begin on Ready to Learn!!!!

16 Behavior Stickers Behavior stickers will be earned by students each day if they have made good choices. Once their sticker card is filled with 20 stickers, students may shop from my store! I frequently purchase items for the store in order to make this a fun incentive for good behavior; however, I really appreciate any donations your family would like to make. In the past popular items have been from the party- favor aisle at Wal-Mart/Target or things from the Dollar Store. Thanks!

17 Thank You!! Thank you for coming! Please let me know if you have any questions! I am looking forward to working with your child this year!!

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