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Gavilan Peak Elementary

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1 Gavilan Peak Elementary
WELCOME TO 3rd GRADE! Gavilan Peak Elementary Diana De Reese Conference Time: 1:30-2:15

2 SCHOOL HOURS 8:15 a.m.– 3:00 p.m. If you know in advance that your child has an appointment or will not be in attendance, please me.

3 Reading Focus Oral Reading Fluency Comprehension Questioning
Using Context Clues Predicting Vocabulary Summarization

4 MATH FOCUS Number Sense and Operations
Addition and Subtraction Concepts and Basic Facts Repeated Addition- Multiplication Concepts and Basic Facts Division Concepts and Basic Facts Place Value and Money Time and Customary Measurement Geometry Fraction and Decimal Concepts

5 WRITING FOCUS Personal Narratives Informative (Expository) Persuasive
Using the Six Traits

6 HOMEWORK Students will fill their planner/agenda for the entire week. This way, they will know what the assignments will be ahead of time. Monday through Thursday nights there will usually be two assignments. There will not be homework over the weekend. However at some points during the school year, we will have projects that may require weekend work. (Science Fair) Book-It! Read 20 minutes a night. Record it in on the Book-It Calendar. Students will earn a free personal pan pizza at the end of the month.

7 Grading Policy Graded papers will be sent home in the Take-Home Folder. Please sign the planner each night. You can sign the behavior chart but it isn’t necessary. Daily Assignments…grade counts one time/ tests may count two times and projects three times. More details can be found on my Gavilan Peak web page

8 PARTIES & BIRTHDAYS Only store bought food may be brought to school to celebrate a child’s birthday. Treats will be served at the end of the school day. Because of the advances in technology and social media, it is suggested that parents take pictures of only their children. Teachers or students may not pass out invitations to select children. Either the entire class must receive one or all boys or all girls must receive an invitation in order for the teacher or student to pass out invitations. Snacks for students may only be provided by the parent and eaten only during snack time due to other’s possible allergies. Bottles of water may be kept at the child's desk-we encourage hydration. 

9 COMMUNICATION Planner/Agenda Email or phone Newsletter Web Site
Power Schools – Check Grades Graded Work Report Cards Parent Conferences Positive Notes Behavior Chart

10 VISITORS Please feel free to have lunch with your child. Our lunch/recess time is 11:45-12:15. All visitors must stop by in the office first to sign in and receive a visitors pass. Parents remaining on campus after 7:45 a.m. are considered a visitor and for school security reasons must sign in at the office. Instruction time is very important so I’m always happy to schedule an appointment.

11 TOYS/CELL PHONES No one may bring a weapon or any item associated with a weapon for any reason. School appropriate toys may be brought to school on designated celebration days. Cell phones must be secured in a backpack and turned off during school hours.

12 This minute will never occur again.
A Parting Thought Enjoy each moment. This minute will never occur again.

13 Parents- YOU are your child’s first and BEST teacher
Parents- YOU are your child’s first and BEST teacher. Thank you for being great!

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