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Welcome to 3 rd Grade 2015 - 2016. Ways YOU can help your child this year: Please make sure your child attends school on time each day. Look in your child’s.

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1 Welcome to 3 rd Grade 2015 - 2016

2 Ways YOU can help your child this year: Please make sure your child attends school on time each day. Look in your child’s backpack each day. Encourage your child to talk about school. Help your child with the homework each day for 10 minutes. Read with your child at least 20 minutes each day.

3 DONATIONS The following items are ALWAYS welcome as donations to the class: **glue sticks** **pencils** **thin dry erase markers** Tissues Lysol / Clorox wipes Ziploc bags of any size Lined Paper Please leave toys at home because they can be distracting in the classroom.

4 HOMEWORK  A homework newsletter with their spelling words, vocabulary words, and a place to record reading minutes will be sent home every MONDAY. This sheet of paper is due back the NEXT MONDAY.  There are language arts assessments every FRIDAY, which include spelling tests, vocabulary tests, and reading/comprehension tests.  Math practice will be sent home separately each night and should be brought back the very next day.  Extra games, practice sheets, and learning sites will be listed soon on our class webpage.

5 32 Book GOAL Every student in my class will be required to read 32 books from 7 different genres. They have to read 3 books within each of the 7 genres and 11 books within whichever genre they liked the best in order to make it to the 32 Book party at the end of the year. Students are required to fill out a BOOK RESPONSE for each book they read. BOOK RESPONSES can be found at school in the back of the black crate by the sink

6 32 Book GOAL Gold Medal Goal: 32 Books (3 books in each genre and 11 books of your choice) Silver Medal Goal: 24 Books (2 books in each genre and 10 books of your choice) Bronze Medal Goal: 16 Books (1 book in each genre and 9 books of your choice) Number of Books Read will come home on the newsletter every MONDAY.

7 VOLUNTEERS Our class loves volunteers – whether it’s once a week or occasionally. Some volunteer opportunities this year include: Room parent (spearheads groups for class parties, helps w/PTA)  Halloween  Winter celebration  Valentine’s Day  Clerical help  Literature Groups – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings from 1:00 – 1:30 or 1:30 – 2:00 p.m.  Math Centers – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30 until 10:00 a.m.  Field trip volunteers will be asked for closer to the activity

8 CURRICULUM There is a NEW math program this year – adopted district wide and implemented in 3 rd grade. It is called DSD Advantage. I am excited about this new math program! The students will be doing a lot more math on the I-pads this year. We have a classroom set of I- pads we will be sharing as a grade level. There are many apps that allow the students to explore and grow in the mathematical understanding. Reading will continue to be taught using the new McGraw Hill program from last year. There are many opportunities for the students to practice what is being taught in the classroom at home on http://connected.mcgraw- Students will just need to remember their username and password are the same as at school, just put dsd in front of each.http://connected.mcgraw-

9 CURRICULUM CONTINUED... All 3 rd grade students will be focusing on the writing process. Your child will be doing writing in language arts, math, science, social studies, etc. In other words, they will be doing a LOT of writing. They also will need to be able to process that writing on the keyboard. Any practice you can do at home with keyboarding will be beneficial to your child.

10 BIRTHDAYS Birthdays are important in third grade. You may send a treat if you wish, but it is not expected. Guidelines from the Health Department mandate that any treat has to be store bought and in the original wrapping. Due to allergies, nonfood items are preferred (pencils, stickers, erasers, book donation to the class). For the children with a birthday in July and August we will celebrate it in September. June birthdays will be celebrated in May, unless their birthday is within the first week of June.

11 IN OUR CLASS..... We will be working on being part of a community as a class and in small groups. We will focus on positive re-enforcement through earning individual points and rewards. If there is a concern, we will make contact with you through email or a phone call. Each student is expected to show RESPECT for themselves, their fellow classmates, their teacher, and school property.

12 MYDSD Pay lunch fees View Desk (Davis Essential Skills and Knowledge) Bussing information Schedule SEP Conferences Take Surveys Get YOUR own mydsd account!!

13 Thanks for coming and supporting your child.

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