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Latitude and Longitude

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1 Latitude and Longitude
Map Skills Latitude and Longitude

2 Latitude Equator Divides the Earth into 2 hemispheres
An imaginary line that goes around the middle of the Earth at its widest point. Divides the Earth into 2 hemispheres Northern and Southern Hemisphere = half a round object “Hemi” = half “Sphere” = round object Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere

3 Just for fun . . . The Corollas effect –
Water will go straight down at the Equator North of the Equator - clockwise South of the Equator - counter clockwise

4 Latitude Lines of latitude run parallel to the equator and to each other. They lay on top of each other. There is equal distance between lines. Parallel = another name for a latitude.

5 Latitude MEASURE = North to South of the Equator.
RUN = East to West around the globe. Equator = 0º North and South Poles = 90º Tropic of Cancer = 23ºN approx. Tropic of Capricorn = 23ºS approx. Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn form the border of the tropical zone.

6 Longitude Prime Meridian
Longest line of longitude Passes through Greenwich, England at 0º longitude Divides the Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemisphere Western Hemisphere Eastern

7 Longitude Lines of longitude DO NOT run parallel to each other.
What does??? Meridian = another name for longitude MEASURES = East and West of the Prime Meridian RUNS = North and South around the globe

8 What do you notice about the lines at the center of the circle?
What do you notice about the lines near the North and South Poles?

9 This is what lines of latitude and longitude look like when they are combined together on a globe.

10 Special Lines of Latitude and Longitude
Arctic Circle Tropic of Cancer Equator Tropic of Capricorn Prime Meridian Antarctic Circle

11 Hemisphere Practice! In which two hemispheres is the United States located? What is the line that divides the Northern and Southern Hemisphere? In which two hemispheres is Australia located? Which ocean is not found in the Western Hemisphere? Which hemisphere is the only one which Antarctica is not found?

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