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Latitude and Longitude

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2 Latitude and Longitude
Every single location on Earth is described by 2 numbers: Latitude and Longitude. Latitude and longitude are a type of coordinate system

3 Latitude Definition: Latitude measures the distance in degrees NORTH and SOUTH of the EQUATOR. Latitude lines are horizontal. They look like this: Because they run parallel to the EQUATOR, they are also called parallels. ALL parallels are 360º circles!


5 The Equator The Equator is the imaginary circle found at 0º Latitude- it “splits” the Earth exactly in half, leaving a Northern half and a southern half.

6 Latitude Values Each line of latitude north of that gets higher until you get to 90° N. That is the North Pole. Each line of latitude south of the equator gets higher until you get to 90° S. That’s the South Pole.

7 Special Latitude Lines
1. Tropic of Cancer - found at 23 ½º North of the Equator. 2. Tropic of Capricorn – found at 23 ½ º South of the Equator. 3. Artic Circle – 66 ½ ° North Latitude 4. Antarctic Circle – 66 ½ ° South Latitude Ants on the ground, get it antactic its in the south

8 66.5

9 Where is Polaris??

10 The angle of the North Star, also known as Polaris, EQUALS the NORTH Latitude you are at.


12 How can I find Polaris in the sky?

13 Lets take a bike ride and see what happen.

14 Longitude Definition: Longitude lines measure the distance in degrees EAST and WEST of the PRIME MERIDIAN. Longitude lines are vertical. They look like this: These lines are also known as Meridians.


16 The Prime Meridian The Prime Meridian is a HALF circle that runs from the North pole to the South pole. It is also 0° however it is 0° longitude. It does NOT run all the way around the Earth. The line on the other side is 180°.

17 The Prime Meridian The Prime Meridian divides the Earth into a west half (western hemisphere) and an east half (eastern hemisphere). The 180° line is known as the international date line.


19 Now please start or continue working on your review book assignment
Now please start or continue working on your review book assignment. We will do time zones as a class together.

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