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Map Skills. The Geographer’s Grid & Latitude/Longitude.

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1 Map Skills

2 The Geographer’s Grid & Latitude/Longitude

3 important lines on “Geographer’s Grid” Equator - Runs East and West divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres Prime Meridian Runs North and South Divides Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres

4 What is a hemisphere? One half of the Earth.

5 The Tropics Tropic of Cancer –  23.5° North of Equator  Sun’s most northern location occurring on June 21 st Tropic of Capricorn –  23.5° South of Equator  Sun’s most southern location occurring on December 21 st  Watch: Earth Sun Relationships VideoEarth Sun Relationships Video

6 The Polar Circles Arctic Circle –  66.5° North of the Equator  begins the North polar region Antarctic Circle – ◦ 66.5° South of the Equator ◦ begins South polar regions

7 What is “Latitude and Longitude”? It is a grid for finding your location on the Earth. Like “X and Y” from the grid in math class, like a football field, or like the game “Battleship”

8 Latitude “Flatitude” Run East/ West parallel to Equator Measures North and South ◦ Furthest North = 90 degrees North latitude ◦ Furthest South = 90 degrees South latitude Important lines of Latitude: 1. Equator 2. Tropic of Cancer 3. Tropic of Capricorn 4. Arctic Circle 5. Antarctic Circle

9 Longitude Run north/ south Measures East and West There are 180 degrees of East longitude and 180 degrees of West longitude Total = 360 degree circle All lines meet at North Pole and South Pole

10 How do you use Latitude and Longitude to find your way? 1. Find the right hemispheres (N, S, E, W). 2. Trace latitude and longitude till they meet. 3. FOLLOW THE CURVE!

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