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Map and Globe Terms.

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1 Map and Globe Terms

2 Grid Definition – A pattern of lines that circles the globe in east-west and north-south directions. Purpose – To help us locate places on the earth / a map.

3 Latitude / Parallels Definition – The east-west lines in the grid.
Purpose – Measure the distance north and south of the Equator.

4 Equator Definition – The imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between the North and South Poles. Purpose – It is located at 0° Latitude and distances are measured north or south of it.

5 Longitude / Meridians Definition – The north-south lines in the grid, which pass through the two poles. Purpose – Measure the distance east and west of the Prime Meridian.

6 Prime Meridian Definition – An imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England. Purpose – It is located at 0° Longitude and distances are measured east or west of it.

7 Hemisphere Definition – Half of the earth as divided by the Equator (Northern and Southern hemispheres) or by the Prime Meridian and the 180° meridian (Eastern and Western hemispheres). Purpose – Helps to identify the location of a place on a globe.

8 Projection Definition – Ways of showing our round planet on a flat map. Purpose – Allows map makers to make the best type of map for their purpose.

9 Compass Rose Definition – A directional indicator that shows which way north, south, east, and west lie on a map. Purpose – Helps us to find locations on a map.

10 Scale Definition – Represents the distances between points on a map.
Purpose – Shows us how much smaller a map is than the real area it represents (1 inch may equal 100 miles).

11 Legend / Map Key Definition – Explains what the symbols on a map represent/mean. Purpose – Helps us to find information on a map.

12 Locator Map Definition – Shows where in the world the area on a map is located. Purpose – Helps us to find an area and see the surrounding areas that relate to it.

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