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Large scale Telco & SP Business Model – April 2008.

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1 Large scale Telco & SP Business Model – April 2008

2 AXIGEN/GECAD Technologies is part of a well established group of companies (Gecad Group) of 150 IT experts based in Bucharest / Romania, developing software solutions for the international market since 1992. That's as much about developing technology as it is about forging human relationships. Our team of 60 dedicated professionals works with AXIGEN partners and users, in order to build trust into our products, as well as into our business relationships. (Oana Bornaz, CEO) The Team

3 Technology Partnerships The demanding technology standards of AXIGEN and its commitment to innovation have been recognized by prestigious partnerships and certifications such as: The quality of our products and their ability of being migrated to different platforms and operating systems, due to the multi-platform technology employed, have been achieved not only by feedback from users and reviewers, but also with the help of other players in the technology and data security field.

4 As developers, our main approach is to sell our products through hundreds of partners worldwide. Global presence, including distribution in : Partners

5 Market Data - usage 2008 WW active mailboxes – ~ 2 Billion Europe active mailboxes - ~ 600 Million Yearly growth – 25% Out of which: In-sourced (companies) – ~30% Out-sourced (ASP, MSP) - ~70% Note: Mobile phones are just 2% of total Source: AXIGEN based on Radicati data

6 Europe – Out-sourced (SP) 420 Million mailboxes (mbx) (CAGR 25%) 5% MSP / HSP users 3% mobile SP users 92% Webmail ASP users This means ~ 10.000 SP companies in EU with an avg. 50.000 user base Note: approx. 15% of SPs are FOSS based Source: AXIGEN based on Radicati data

7 Money split today – SP market 420 Million mailboxes (mbx) (CAGR 25%) This means ~ 10.000 SP companies in EU with an avg. 50.000 user base Sun Java System ~40% Openwave ~ 20% MS Exchange ~ 10% Rest of us (about 10 players) ~ 30% So whats in it for us? Note: approx. 15% of SPs are FOSS based Source: AXIGEN based on Radicati data

8 Out-sourced in Europe - EUR Average deal is 50.000 EUR software only. SP orders varies between 10K EUR to 500K EUR Can we get a cut? Source: AXIGEN

9 Messaging - a service business enabler Project implementation Installation (on-site) Configuration (on-site) Customization Upgrading and Testing Training (on-site or remote) Managed serviced (delegated administration, back-up, archiving, legal logging, etc) Web related services Auditing Very often services exceed by far the value of the license

10 Antivirus Antispam & content filtering Encryption & VPN Archiving Mobility & VoIP Mk Logistics Mailing & CRM solutions Operating Systems and clustering tools Other Server optimization tools Messaging - a software business enabler

11 Data centers (broadband equipments, processors, racks, storage, etc) Active-Active configurations (load balancers, servers, storage etc) Professional Cluster configurations (more balancers, more servers, more SAN storage) Often hardware exceed the value of the license Messaging - a hardware business enabler

12 Messaging – any market enabler Consulting - markets we serve = any company until 2010 - ISP / ASP Administration & Government Banking/ Financial Telecom Multi-office customers SOHO Education & Science e-commerce & other portals Hardware& Software Safety & Security Markets HSP / MSP SME

13 Hosted Business email – most demanding model Webmail access / POP & IMAP Access Groupware & Collaboration Personal Organizer (Calendar / Journal / Tasks / Notes) Personal, public & domain contacts Global permissions & folder sharing Outlook Connector (MAPI based) Public Folders Distribution lists Secure remote access Mobile access (XHTML Webmail – beta available this month) Uptime & Delegated Administration rights Why Axigen in Large Projects

14 Delegated Administration for Customer web-based self-service and support Web-based graphic console allows simple and straightforward configuration. – enables providers to save up to $2/customer on support Effortless administration with WebAdmin

15 On-call: Mobile Push by Standardized and Open SyncML protocol (OMA) Optimized for bandwidth efficiency OMA Client Provisioning - over-the-air configuration for email and synchronization Allows synchronization of PIM items: Contacts Calendar Todo (Tasks) Notes Support for a wide array of handsets and PDAs (900+) Windows Mobile and Palm OS dedicated client Optimal TCO compared with the other leading solutions Note: Presently on SP projects only

16 On-call: Axigen SP & Parallels PEM Axigen SP Edition: Multi-tenant architecture (account classes, delegated admin) Scalability (clustering support, expandable storage) Reporting and monitoring module (and SNMP support) Parallels delivers a complete offering: Storefront integration with domain registration Automated ordering and provisioning Customer self management - control panels Billing and service plan management Resource reporting and tracking Reseller capabilities and control panels AXIGEN-Parallels Virtuozzo Containers are now available

17 Why Axigen – High Scalability

18 Carrier Class Technology Highest degree of SMTP security available today; multi-layer and multi-filter security policies Flexible configuration for antispam fine-tuning, logical traffic optimization, block suspicious user activity, fast processing and avoiding DOS attacks Scalable architecture operating large mailboxes and high number of accounts, zero error & recovery downtime, fast access, fast search, reduced storage space, incremental back-up and restore We selected AXIGEN and purchased it on an unlimited license basis. AXIGEN is very stable and fast. Moreover, its licensing options perfectly meet our requirements and as provider of free email services with web-based access for more than 4 million users Hussam Khoury, co-founder and president of

19 Latest Deals - SP ROL.Online Network News portal in Romania Optikom SP in Slovakia Mediasat SP Romania - Member of ANISP Fibernet Communications SP Romania – Founder of ANISP Largest Portal in Middle East absolute media gmbh SP in Germany Atomic Datacenters SP in US schnell-im-netz Internet Hasfurt SP in Germany Connecting Point Computer Center SP in US Smolensk SP in Russia

20 Comsat BT (a British Telecom company) Telecom and SP from Colombia Tashi InfoComm Ltd First private Telecom Company in Bhutan ICT ConcepT B.V. SP to legal customers in Netherlands Service Provider in Russia Cotas Large ISP in Bolivia Interclan Soluciones en Internet SA de CV Large ISP/HSP Mexico Softpedia Top 3 download portal in the World Latest Deals - SP

21 "Verdict: A capable and scalable mail server that's easy to set up and use. Axigen's mail server provides all the features you could expect and would function equally well as an internal mail server or as a public server. Its webmail facility with its improved collaborative features could be a very effective alternative to Microsoft's Outlook, which makes it even more attractive." To its credit, Axigen added new features at a rapid pace this past year [...] Well- designed and easy to use, Axigen's latest Web mail offering delivers impressive out-of-the-box productivity for end users [...] Axigen Mail Server delivers a comprehensive, turnkey mail server in a DIY world. If you ask us which of the test candidates was out favorite, we would have to go for the AXIGEN Mail Server. [...] If you are looking for a good mail server with excellent WebMail support, you will be very happy with the AXIGEN Server. AXIGEN Mail Server, the professional messaging solution developed by Gecad Technologies received The Most Innovative Software Product prize at the 2006Romanian IT&C Awards. AXIGEN in the Press More here:

22 Mail @HOME Fast and easy, Groupware enabled WebMail interface

23 Mail @OFFICE Outlook Connector with Groupware Collaboration and shared PIM

24 Outstanding Support 24x7 Free, Immediate Response Time Support Human response time within average 3h by email Extensive Technical Support – including OS connectivity issues Localized Support by local Partners in over 60 countries Multiple Reliable Resources (Knowledgebase, Online Documentation, Forum, etc) EASY management Fast Installation in less than 15 min (see tutorials)see tutorials Intuitive Configuration & Administration Interface Secure Remote & Delegated Operation (directly from Webadmin GUI) Advanced Reporting engine (more than 100 custom reports) Automatic data migration (users and domains)

25 Carrier Class Technology (patent-pending) Outstanding Technical Support Unmatched Linux Expertise Strong Value Proposition Clear Business Benefits World Class Performance Whats so special about AXIGEN We are able to manage and deliver top-notch email communication using our terabyte-level capable data storage. Mihai Serban, AXIGEN Chief Software Architect In Q3 2008

26 Large scale Telco & SP Business Model – April 2008 THANK YOU!

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