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Summary Objectives: Establish the new office and staff

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1 Summary Objectives: Establish the new office and staff
Start providing our services to businesses Generate a profit and grow Provide reliable Services Increase our Market Share Partner with Local Businesses

2 Summary Mission: Provide fast, reliable Web Design and Software Service to Local Business Create Loyal Customers Generates sufficient profit to grow and Expand Establish the office Quickly with minimum /expense

3 Summary Success Strategy:
Success will depend on the quality of service we provide Rely on the Expertise of our engineers Build reliable and cutting edge products keep customers coming back.

4 Summary Market Expansion:
Start offering Services businesses in the immediate area Earn the Trust of our Clients Build a Brand Expand as we acquire more exposure and in the surrounding areas

5 Summary Compete: Focus on Quality of Products and Service
Exceed Expectations in Performance and Features Offer Outstanding Support Provide More Value for our Clients’ Investment

6 Summary Marketing: Utilize Main Office Expertise to get Exposure
Utilize Local Media Outlets Mail Marketing targeted to our Customer Base Volunteer Some of our Expertise in Local Events

7 Services Service List: Web Design Custom Software Development
Graphics Design Web Hosting and Domain Registration and Database Services E-Commerce Services

8 Services Description: Gather Requirements from Customers
Build Design Documents Author and Publish Websites Design and Build Web/Custom Applications Data Layer and Database Structure

9 Services Description:
Design and Build Web/Custom Application Business Layer Design and Build Web/Custom Application User Layer Test Web/Custom Application Deploy and Maintain Web/Custom Application

10 Market Analysis Segments:
Small Businesses: 1 to 99 employees, this is a large and fast growing segment. 20 Percent of our Target Market Medium Businesses: 100 to 499 employees. 60 Percent of our Target Market Large Businesses: 500 or more employees. 20 Percent of our Target Market

11 Market Analysis Market Targets:
Business not utilizing Software and Web Technology Business with Potential Web Growth Medium and Large Business seeking Automation and Custom Solutions Businesses looking to modernize existing Web/Software Infrastructure

12 Market Analysis Trends:
Technology rapid growth and change requires ongoing upgrades High Demand on Consulting Services as companies seek to minimize Cost by Eliminating In-House IT Staff More and more Small and Medium Size Business seeking Web exposure and Automation to compete in the new Global Economy

13 Market Analysis Need: Web and Graphics Design
Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Web Applications Custom Software Solutions Data Analysis Data Management Data Reporting and Distribution

14 Competition Competitors:
Self-Employed Consultants: 2 Percent of Local Market Small Size Web/Software Companies: Firms: 30 Percent of Local Market Medium Size Web/Software Companies:: 60 Percent of Local Market Large Web/Software Companies: 7 Percent of Local Market

15 Competition Strategy:
Offer Services Customized to the Individual Business Give incentives and Discounts for Businesses to Use Our Services Offer Free Web Hosting Period for Businesses Buying our Web Design Services Offer Free One-Time Consultations

16 Strategy Value: High Quality Customized solutions and Services
Timely Delivery Proven Technology Competitive Cost 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

17 Strategy Edge: Highly Qualified Staff with Diverse Technical Expertise
Cutting Edge Web and Software Technologies Proven expertise and Market Presence of Parent Company Global Exposure Of Parent Company

18 Summary Conclusion: Based on the local market analysis and extensive research of business demand, market need and competition, this plan provides a solid path to follow and will ensure rapid growth and expansion in the local market. In conjunction with a comprehensive marketing strategy this plan will ensure that our office will become profitable in a short time.

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