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© eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 OffshoreSoftwareDevelopment eComScience Consulting perspective.

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1 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 OffshoreSoftwareDevelopment eComScience Consulting perspective

2 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 About Us Established in 2000 Workforce - 15 Headquarters – Bangalore Business in Europe and US markets Knowledge driven Client Focus Promoted by experienced IT professionals

3 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Overview Benefits Questions Modalities ! Portfolio #

4 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Benefits

5 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 How will I benefit from eComSciences Offshore Software Development services ? Benefits Cost savings Focus on core business Quality We pass the benefits of lower infrastructure and resource costs to you in the form of cost savings in software development. We have world class quality systems in place. These systems ensure high quality software. You will be in a position to focus your resources on mission critical areas.

6 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Improve time to market Expand delivery capacity Leverage technology Benefits We have a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in proven & cutting edge technologies. We follow a constant process of technology skill upgradation. We deploy hardware / software / people resources which act as a virtual extension of your organization. You are in a position to scale up your delivery capacity at short notice. By utilizing the time differences between our geographical zones, the number of working hours is automatically increased.

7 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001QUESTIONS

8 Why eComScience ? Focus on stringent processes and quality execution End-to-end solutions capability Technology and engineering-led solutions Vertical industry expertise in Banking, Finance and Insurance Why should I choose eComScience ? Strong customer orientation References to customer accounts provided on request Experienced management team

9 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001PORTFOLIO#

10 Service Portfolio Core services Software Development Re-engineering Maintenance & Support # What are the services you offer ? Implementation & Integration Web Application /Portal

11 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Application Expertise CRM E-Business # Service Portfolio Industry Expertise Banking, Finance & Insurance Do you have expertise in specific applications / industries ? Knowledge Management

12 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Business Models Time & Materials Model Commercials are decided on an hourly / daily basis. Onsite / Offshore execution, or a combination of both. Very Flexible. To be used in situations where project needs vary considerably with time. # Fixed Price Model Cost of project is fixed at the start Offshore execution Tremendous cost saving Lacks flexibility. To be used in situations where project requirements are well defined and not likely to change. What are my options ?

13 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Technology Expertise ASP, ASP Dotnet, AJAX C#, VB, VBDotnet, VC++, Java ODBC, ADO, ADO Dotnet MS SQL Server, Oracle, XML MS Commerce Server Windows, Linux Multi-tier architecture definition Component based design Identification of reusable code Coding Standards – GUI development, VB, ASP, C# & SQL Specification Templates – Functional, Design Test Plan Templates 50+ years of project experience and 15 professionals in MS technologies Microsoft Partner and Developers with C# certification

14 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Process Expertise All project activities transparent to client Fine Tuning of Process based on Project needs Iterative Development Methodology Project Planning and Tracking using MS Project Milestone Reviews and Weekly Reviews Milestone Reviews for Prototype, Functional Specifications, Architecture, Database Design, Design Specifications, Test Plans, Code Reviews, Testing Review, Closure Review Weekly Report and Review with client for Project Status and Progress, issues, re-plan, constraint discussions

15 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Examples of work Maintenance of a Management Game Simulation Software Development of Client Server application for UK/Portugal Insurance Agencies for Property Quotation/Proposals and Underwriter Reports Development of a Portal of Mediterranean countries for a large organization Maintenance of a Retail Online e-commerce site Web application for online Camp booking Maintenance of a product for Banking CRM

16 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001MODALITIES!

17 CLIENT LOCATION Project co-ordination Implementation ECOMSCIENCE Coding Post Implementation Support Rapid reaction support Maintenance Post Implementation Support Documentation Analysis and planning High level design User interface design Onsite testing Project management Detailed design Testing Bug fixes Warranty support Project management Detailed design Coding Testing Documentation

18 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Components of eComSciences ODC Dedicated own office space Dedicated hardware & software resources State-of-the art communication resources Skilled professionals on an exclusive basis Quality management IPR practices # What is your idea of Virtual Infrastructure ?

19 © eComScience Pvt. Ltd. 2001 Thank You Contact: Archana Bharatee Email: Web: Phone: 91-80-41263242

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