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Handheld Contact Wireless syncing ACT! Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5/6.

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1 Handheld Contact Wireless syncing ACT! Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5/6

2 Agenda  Who is GL computing  About ACT!  About Handheld Contact  How it works  HHC for Blackberry  HHC for PocketPC/Treo  Compare to other PDA Options  Typical Markets

3 Value added distributor specialising in Sales and Marketing and CRM software Distributes to and supports ACT! resellers across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific Established since 1990 Mike Lazarus - owner –IT since 1982 –ACT! Evangelist since 1987 Who is GL Computing

4 ACT! is the best-selling contact management software application used by business professionals whose day revolves around their business contacts. Customisable, Secure, Electronic Rolodex Tracks data on each contact or company Networkable Shared Calendar Keep notes, history, sales opportunities Handles letters, emails, faxes, reports …and so much more What is ACT!

5 Created in April 1987 Pioneered Contact Management & CRM Market Leader - 68% of retail market Over 2 million users worldwide Award Winning Available in many countries and languages ACT! History

6 Handheld Contact enables administered, two-way, wireless synchronization between ACT! and SmartPhone devices. What is Handheld Contact

7 Main Features Automatic two-way, wireless syncing between your ACT! database and your Smartphone every 15 minutes ACT! data storage directly on your handheld device Automatic identification and syncing of your important contacts Customizable sync settings so YOU (or Admin) determine what is synched and what isn’t Day, week, or month views calendar viewing, activity and task scheduling, and notes and histories logging for calls and emails with automatic time- stamping ACT! contact calling and emailing with History from your Smartphone Sync privileges management for multiple users with the administration console — monitor and change sync settings, and add an unlimited number of users A fully-hosted solution using patent pending technology with all the IT syncing infrastructure you need Free product upgrades and notifications, installation support, and access to toll free and online technical support

8 Increases productivity and saves you time –Access accurate and current ACT! data anytime, anywhere on your mobile device –View your ACT! Contacts, Calendar Items, Notes, Histories, To- Do Items, and Activities on your device –Call and email ACT! contacts from Handheld Contact –ACT! data is synced automatically every 15 minutes so your data is always up-to-date –ACT! data is stored directly on your handheld device so you don’t depend on your cellular coverage for your information –Update ACT! data directly from your mobile device –Enter contacts, schedule activities and tasks, and log notes and histories for emails with automatic time-stamping –Take notes directly in Handheld Contact eliminating the need for pen-and-paper note-taking and redundant data entry What HHC does for you

9 Enables employee collaboration and data sharing Manage sync privileges for multiple users Centrally monitor and change sync settings and add an unlimited number of users Customize users’ sync settings so administrator determines what is synced and what isn’t Increases employee productivity Increases employees’ contacts, time with customers, and time in the field Reduces employees’ dependence on the office with ACT! data directly on their Smartphone Easily integrates with existing infrastructure Easy to install and use with no training Provides a secure, fully-hosted solution using patent-pending technology with all the IT syncing infrastructure you need Cost predictable Ensures you pay only for the users you need with a subscription model to accommodate your changing business needs without surprises What HHC does for your company

10 How HHC Works: 3 Components Console for ACT! “Communicate to ACT!” 1. Installed On ACT! PC Uses ACT! SDK Extensive Settings “Sync. Engine” Client Software “ACT! on the Handheld” 3. Java Client Software Installed On Handheld Blackberry / PocketPC Java software Adds ACT! experience to the PDA Secure Sync Server “Store and Forward” 2. Secure internet connection HHC Account Secure (SSL) Hosted = affordable Store, forward, erase

11 HHC Console for ACT!

12 Contacts Calendar HHC 2.0 for Blackberry Tasks

13 HHC for Mobile Windows Contacts Calendar Tasks

14 Why Handheld Contact? ACT!-like UI and terminology to reduce training Up to 76 fields (26 pre-determined and 50 user definable) Pull-downs for fields optionally sent to maintain data integrity Notes, Histories, Activities created on device link to ACT! Contacts Emails, Calls, SMS from device - history automatically tracked and synced to ACT! when sent from Handheld Contact View (if allowed) and Schedule activities for other ACT! users Administration determines which groups of contacts to be sent to each users’ device including private contacts Automatically send contacts to a user when an activity is scheduled for them, even if the contact was not in their predefined set to receive Central Administration of 50+ devices (even different types) to support use in workgroups Ability for Administrator to erase ACT! data remotely if device is lost The only ACT! wireless sync for Blackberry The only PDA solution that works with Web based solutions for ACT!

15 Small Business mobile staff Mobile Sales Teams Financial Services Investment Advisors Mortgage Brokers Real Estate Commercial Property Management Construction Legal Recruitment Field Service Plumbers and other trades people Typical HHC Markets/Users

16 Contact Information

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