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The UN CHV20.

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1 The UN CHV20

2 The United Nations is an international organization that is almost like a world government. The headquarters building is in New York City. It is not a world government because it does not make laws. However, they have a charter that is an international treaty that sets out basic principles of international relations. It was established in October of 1945. This organization was needed at that time because of the devastation suffered through World War II. At that point 51 countries, headed by USA, Britain, USSR, and China committed to preserve peace throughout the world. Today 193 countries belong to the United Nations, which is almost every nation in the world.

3 Countries not a part of the UN
Taiwan – not recognized as sovereign state Kosovo- not recognized as sovereign state Palestine – currently invited to observe Vatican City- not interested

4 The UN has 4 Purposes: To maintain international peace and security;
To develop and preserve friendly relations among all nations; To solve international problems that may arise while promoting respect for human rights; To be a focal point for harmonizing intentions and actions of all nations

5 The UN is comprised of sections called “bodies”
The General Assembly Trusteeship Council The Security Council Secretariat Economic and Social Council International Court of Justice

6 The General Assembly Is referred to as a parliament of nations.
Each nation has one seat and one vote. Decisions concerning key issues are decided by two-thirds majority, others are decided by simple majority. Recently a consensus has been implemented rather than a formal vote. Holds a regular session once a year to discuss and debate important world issues. Makes recommendations to other UN bodies. Approves the UN budget.

7 The Security Council Its primary responsibility is to maintain international peace and security. The council may meet at any time peace is threatened. All members are obligated to carry out the Council’s decisions. Fifteen Council members exist. Five Council members are permanent members – China, France, The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and The United States (notice Canada has been left out of this category). The General Assembly elect the other ten Council members for two-year terms. Makes recommendations on the appointment of a new Secretary-General and on the admission of new Members of the UN to the General Assembly.

8 Economic and Social Council
Exists under the authority of the General Assembly. Plays a key role in promoting international cooperation for development. Consults with Non-Governmental Organizations. Has fifty-fours members in three-year terms whom are elected by the General Assembly. Holds a major meeting in July along with several others during the year.

9 The Trusteeship Council
Consists of five permanent members of the Security Council. Established to provide international supervision. Rules and procedures have been amended to allow the council to meet when needed.

10 The International Court of Justice
Also known as the World Court. Consists of fifteen judges. Settles legal disputes between countries. Headquarters are in The Hague (Netherlands).

11 The Secretariat It’s head is the Secretary-General who provides administrative guidance. Oversees the operation of The United Nations. Total staff of approximately 7,500 people from over 170 countries.

12 The UN Annual Conference
Each year a conference is held for students at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Students from all over the world attend the conference. Guest speakers are invited to speak on human rights topics chosen for that year’s conference. The goal of this annual conference is to promote learning and awareness, and stimulate action among youth and youth leaders about human rights. Lastly, the conference provides youth participants with hands-on experience using recent information technologies such as web casting and video conferencing.

13 UN Development Goals 2015

14 Do you recognize these NGO’s?

15 NGO’s An NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization that works together to resolve world problems. Because it is often difficult to know how to get involved at the global level, NGOs provide citizens with a starting point to follow through with their interest in world problems. You can get involved by donating money, speaking to family and friends about world needs, writing letters and joining lobby campaigns.

16 Examples of NGO’s
NGO’s based in Canada

17 Wed- Guest Speaker The Red Cross!!!!

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