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XOptions ® Flex Integrated Business- Class Voice and Internet Service.

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1 XOptions ® Flex Integrated Business- Class Voice and Internet Service

2 Your Key Communications Needs Reliability – Business-class service and provider Excellent Service Support – Responsive and understands your business needs Flexibility – Ability to adjust quickly to change Value – Meeting your specific needs at a fair price

3 Assess Your Communication Systems to See if They Meet Your Business Needs Capacity restraints – Large documents slow to transmit Complexities of dealing with multiple vendors and bills Not fully benefiting from currently available features Spending too much time or having difficulties administering system changes High domestic calling costs Difficulties in budgeting and planning for services Multiple-site systems have evolved into a collection of incompatible and obsolete phone systems Poor service and support

4 Meet XO Communications Business-class service provider for 10 years Award-winning, world-class network infrastructure 75 major U.S. markets The National Local Exchange Carrier™ for business Market leader in bringing bundled services to businesses Now taking bundles to the next level with XOptions ® Flex.

5 Your New Choice in Solutions Your Business Needs Phone with Advanced Features High-speed Internet À la Carte SolutionsBundled Solution XOptions ® Flex Complex Not Very Flexible Pricey Less Complex Some Flexibility Less Pricey Simple / Flexible / Highest Value Dynamic Bandwidth Unlimited Domestic Calling Administrative Management Three Choices

6 Integrated Bundled Solution for Small and Medium Businesses Simple – Flat monthly rate for domestic calling, Dedicated Internet Access and web hosting – One invoice from one proven service provider with one point of accountability Flexible – Designed for expanding functional and capacity needs Robust standard feature set – Numerous optional features and services Cost Effective: – Integrates both voice and data over single a T-1 – Unlimited domestic calling* * 100,000-minute cap on Local and Long Distance usage for a single location. If any location exceeds the cap, a 6¢ per-minute surcharge is assessed on every minute above the cap.

7 Complete Network Assets

8 Data capacity needs continuously fluctuate. – During peak times, capacity constraints can slow the delivery of important documents. XOptions ® Flex adjusts to heavy data demands by permitting full use of the IP circuit to support increased data traffic when voice lines are idle. – Voice traffic always has the highest priority. Reduce time needed to exchange critical documents while delaying – perhaps eliminating – purchase of additional bandwidth. Flexibility: Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

9 Dedicated voice and data channels. No capacity flexibility as demand fluctuates. Capacity continuously adjusts to on-going demand fluctuations. Voice always has priority. Channeled TDM Voice Data IP Dynamic Bandwidth Voice Data Flexibility: Contrasting Methods of Transmission

10 Value: User Administrative Portal Companies must respond rapidly to changing business conditions – Quick office changes, department restructurings, employee moves and altered employee responsibilities Secure, web-based portal allows businesses to self- administer functional changes – Real-time and remote control to activate or deactivate features on existing phone lines – Reset voice mail pass codes – Configure group services Reduce time required to tailor features to changing employee needs. Saves on administrative support calls.

11 Reducing operating costs without impacting customer support or employee performance is difficult. – XOptions ® Flex delivers domestic calling services modeled to reduce your expenses. XOptions Flex provides unlimited local and long distance calling – Unlimited outbound and inbound calls – Flat monthly bill – One toll-free number for unlimited inbound calls Reduce monthly domestic calling expenses while receiving a consistent bill for accurate budgeting and planning. Value: Unlimited Domestic Calling

12 Five voice lines and up to 1.5 Mb of data – Bandwidth dynamically allocated Twenty-three standard features Unlimited local and long distance calling Self-service administrative web portal One toll-free number Hosting package – 10 email boxes and 100 Mb disk space 90-day service guarantee Additional optional features and services available. Simplicity: Base Package

13 High-speed option Additional T-1 to expand bandwidth to 3 Mb Additional phone lines – Up to 16 lines on a single T-1 – Up to 24 lines when combined with high-speed option Auto attendant – Field inbound calls to the intended destinations Basic call center applications Additional toll-free numbers – Order as required Voice VPN – Simplifies multi-location private dial plans Larger web hosting packages – Order as required Flexibility: Elective Features & Services to Tailor XOptions ® Flex to Your Needs

14 Standard Feature Set Abbreviated Dialing Call Forwarding Variable Call Forwarding Don’t Answer Call Forwarding Busy Line Call Forwarding Remote Access Call Hold 3-Way Calling Consultative Hold Call Pick-Up Call Transfer Call Transfer with Consultative Caller ID (Name and Number) Caller ID Line Block Call Return Call Waiting Last Number Redial Do Not Disturb Hunt Groups (sequential, circular, uniform, simultaneous) Voice Mail Anonymous Call Rejection Selective Call Acceptance Selective Call Rejection Selective Call Forward

15 Business-class service supported by – Provider who understands the needs of businesses – Tier 1 nationwide network Reduce time needed to exchange large files and delay – or eliminate – the purchase of additional bandwidth. Reduce monthly domestic calling expenses. Feature-rich optional services tailored to your business. Benefit from the simplicity of having a single point of contact for both voice and data needs. Receive a single, consistent bill for accurate budgeting & planning and reduced paperwork. Save time customizing and configuring your voice services to your changing employee needs. Summary

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