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PayAdvantageHR Imagine an integrated HRIS – Payroll – Enrollment platform with one login at your fingertips Presents.

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1 PayAdvantageHR Imagine an integrated HRIS – Payroll – Enrollment platform with one login at your fingertips Presents

2 PayAdvantageHR – Introduction PayAdvantageHR is a fully integrated Payroll/HRIS/Benefits Admin platform. The integration means you change employee data only once and all pieces of the system are updated immediately; no waiting for nightly batch updates for payroll/HRIS and benefits. PayAdvantageHR is 100% web based which means you don’t maintain software. PayAdvantageHR will streamline your HR process with employee data maintenance and benefits enrollment from new employees to renewals; data transfers to carriers are built and maintained. PayAdvantageHR includes a user friendly reporting tool enabling you to build reports from any data at any time. PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

3 PayAdvantageHR – All the pieces at your fingertips Full Payroll Processing A full featured web-based payroll process providing real time access to HR/Payroll Departments and Employees Human Resources Information System Best in Class platform to streamline your company’s complex information management process Benefits Administration Total benefits management, from enrollment to premium administration to carrier data transmission. Everything you need to reduce time and cost of paper benefits enrollment Benefit Communication Building a benefits intranet is easy. Add any form or company communication to keep your employees up to date PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

4 Online Payroll Processing Step by Step payroll process Payroll Tax Filing Check and DDA Distribution Garnishment Processing View paystubs online W2 processing Historical W2s available Import data from time card software Customized General Ledger Interface Manual and off cycle processes PayAdvantageHR – Payroll Processing PayAdvantageHR  Payroll ●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

5 Employee Self Service Roles based Manager portal Employee Data Management Customized workflow Custom Reporting and Report Writer PTO Policy Administration Employee Asset Management Employee Document Management PayAdvantageHR – HR System PayAdvantageHR  Payroll● HRIS ●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

6 Employee Self Service Life Event control and changes Eligibility rules management Premium Administration Data link to carriers Open enrollment tracking Customized reporting Data link to COBRA and FSA administrators Never send a census to your benefit consultant Track benefit change history PayAdvantageHR – Benefits Administration PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS● Enrollment ●Communication  Total Integration

7 Build Intranet for all Company documents  Employee Manual  Carrier Claim Forms  Summary Plan Descriptions Life Decision links library Wellness and Health web Resource Center In Force Carrier Links PayAdvantageHR – Communication PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment● Communication  Total Integration

8 Flex Applicant Tracking HR Staff Payroll Staff Time Clock Benefit Consultant Payroll HRIS Ben Admin Communication MedicalDentalVisionG/LCOBRA Managers Employees PayAdvantageHR – System Integration PayAdvantageHR Carriers

9 Employer Benefits Increased accuracy and improved efficiency through automated connections directly to the carrier Best in Class reporting tool for valuable access to all data Self bill your benefits directly from the system Total integration between all Single login ID for complete platform access Manager and employee data access PayAdvantageHR – HR Staff benefits PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

10 Employee Benefits 24/7/365 Secure On-line access to Payroll and Enrollment Data Benefit communication material at their fingertips Manage census and enrollment changes Make PTO requests Life decision support tools PayAdvantageHR – Employee Benefits PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

11 Customer Support and Training Team approach to service Carrier error reports managed for you More than 50,000 employees already using PayAdvantageHR Onsite or web-based system training On-going report training Complete implementation from current Payroll and Benefits Simple ACH billing – Single detail line invoicing PayAdvantageHR – Support and Training PayAdvantageHR  Payroll●HRIS●Enrollment●Communication  Total Integration

12 Build a better process Grow your business Accurate Planning and Processing Operational Efficiency Data mining and reporting Flexibility that grows with your business One Solution – One Vendor – Single line pricing Fortune 500 level software at a fraction of the cost PayAdvantageHR is the platform others are trying to build Video: PayAdvantageHRPayAdvantageHR PayAdvantageHR – Improve your business

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