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Aspire Vertical Markets Real Estate Office. Real Estate.

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1 Aspire Vertical Markets Real Estate Office

2 Real Estate

3 Voice Mail Because agents are out of the office much of the time, Voice Mail is critical communication link with customers Incoming calls answered by the Auto Attendant reducing the workload on the office staff Calls for agents can be routed to the agent’s telephone or voice mailbox. If not answered, call can be sent to their cell phone. Messages for agents are accurately recorded by Voice Mail – no more illegible or inaccurate hand written notes Saves Calling Party Number (if provided from the telephone company) to easily Return Calls Opt-out features let caller speak to a live person

4 Advanced Voice Mail Features AspireMail - a cost effective Voice Mail solution - Card plugs into system instead of using external PC Conversation Record - Keep a record of important conversations Message notification (local or off premise) - Visual indication at extension telephone - Voice Mail calls agent’s extension or cell phone to advise of messages Personal Answer Machine Emulation - Screen calls as you would with an Answer Machine

5 Networking Connect branch offices together to function as a single unit - Unified extension numbering plan to easily call extensions at any office - Common features and procedures - Feature transparency at all locations - Share resources Single centralized operator or primary answering point – share services with all locations Single centralized Voice Mail – share this resource with all locations

6 IP Networking Use IP network to economically connect Branch Offices or Home Offices IP telephone installed at home becomes an extension on the telephone system - Allows agents to work from home - Both Ring feature rings office and home telephone for incoming calls - Retrieve Voice Messages from home or office Save on Telephone toll charges between branch offices

7 IP Networking Network up to 50 locations Network using both Aspire and Aspire S systems and IP telephones

8 Real Features for Real Estate Conference Call - Consult with buyers and sellers on same call - Close sale quicker - Reduce need to make multiple calls Caller ID - Service must be purchased from telephone company - Know who is calling before answering a call - Stores Caller ID info in Call Log or Voice Mail For easy Call Back - Caller ID info even received while on another call

9 Real Features for Real Estate Telephone Microphone Cut-off - Consult privately without being heard by caller Off Hook Signal - Receive signals for incoming call while on another call - Even receive Caller ID info while on another call Operator DSS Console - Makes call processing easier - View extension status - Easily transfer calls to an extension - Intercept extension calls

10 Real Features for Real Estate Call Forward - Redirect call when unanswered or extension busy - Redirect to Voice Mail or another extension - Optionally redirect off premise – even to a cell phone Account Codes - Allocate telephone usage cost to accounts or agents - Use Forced Account Codes to control cost of long distance calls

11 Real Features for Shared Office The Real Estate office is a shared office space. Agents use different desks and telephones when in the office. These features address this issue. Team Key on the telephone - Use Call Coverage key as Team Key - Incoming calls directed to team leader’s extension or virtual team extension number - Call appears on all telephones and can be answered - May be set for immediate or delayed ringing

12 Real Features for Shared Office Agent Message Mailbox - Message Mailbox is a feature of Voice Mail that allows agents to leave a message for their customers - The agent advises their customers how to hear the message in their Message Mailbox. - Agent records message each day (or as required) which will advise the customer to dial the extension number where they can be reached or dial their home phone or cell phone The extension number can be dialed after hearing the message while still connected to Voice Mail

13 SMDR Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) included in every system Provides written record of telephone traffic - Record includes user, trunk used, number dialed, user entered account codes for incoming or outgoing calls Optional Ultra CallAnalyst (for single site) - Track telephone usage - Summarize call records - Analyze utilization of trunks and agents. Optional CallAnalyst Enterprise (for networks) - Collects and analyzes data from multiple sites

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